Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3‘ is a romantic comedy movie that revolves around the Portokalos family as they take a trip to Greece for vacation and reunite with each other to commemorate the death of Gus. Written and helmed by Nia Vardalos, it is the third installment in the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding‘ film series, as the title suggests. What elevates the movie further is the compelling and hilarious performances of Vardalos, John Corbett, Louis Mandylor, Elena Kampouris, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone, Lainie Kazan, and Andrea Martin.

Despite not opening to that many favorable reviews, the holiday film still manages to strike a chord with the audience by providing them with the same sense of amusement and wholesomeness as its predecessors. Moreover, fans of the franchise must be eager to find out what this installment brings to the table. If you are one such individual who also wishes to watch the film yourself, you might be interested in what we have to share!

What is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 About?

The adventurous Portokalos family travels to Greece for a family reunion and vacation, following the death of Gus. Upon reaching their destination, the family attempts to find old connections and friends of the deceased Gus and locate them while they are on the island. As time progresses, their trip turns into a heartwarming and hilarious vacation full of twists and turns. Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways you can watch ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ yourself!

Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Netflix?

Netflix currently doesn’t house ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ in its streaming library. However, the streaming giant more than makes up for it by providing its subscribers with several intriguing and hilarious movies, such as ‘Wine Country‘ and ‘Under the Riccione Sun.’

Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ is not included in HBO Max’s content library. If you are looking for something similar to watch, you have plenty of options at your disposal. We recommend you watch ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding‘ and ‘Father of the Bride.’

Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ is not a part of Hulu’s expansive collection of movies and TV shows. Instead, you can turn to some excellent alternatives, including ‘Johnson Family Vacation‘ and ‘Vacation Friends.’

Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Amazon Prime?

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ is not a part of the Amazon Prime regular subscription offerings. Currently, it is only available for preorder on the streaming giant. You can check out more details about the same by heading over here! Nevertheless, viewers can make the most of their subscription to tune into similar comedy films, such as ‘A Little Italian Vacation‘ and ‘Changeland.’

Where to Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Online?

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ has been released theatrically, so if you wish to catch the movie on the big screen, you can check show timings and book your tickets on Fandango. For viewers wanting to stream the movie, you might have to wait for longer as ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ is available only for preordering on Vudu and iTunes.

How to Stream My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 For Free?

Unfortunately, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ is solely available to watch in cinemas and not yet on any of the streaming platforms, at the moment. This simply means that there is currently no way for you to stream the comedy film for free. All you can do is wait for it to land on any of the online platforms offering a free trial to its new subscribers. With that said, we always recommend our readers not to resort to illegal means and pay for the content they wish to watch.

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