Netflix’s Private Lesson: Is the Turkish Movie Based on Real Life?

Kivanc Baruonu is the director of the romantic comedyPrivate Lesson’ on Netflix. The Turkish film, which is originally called ‘Ozel Ders,’ stars Bensu Soral, Helin Kandemir, Hatice Aslan, and Halit Ozgur Sari. The film recounts Azra’s experiences as a private teacher, who can teach whatever a student desires. She hesitantly assents to help when Hande, a demanding student, requests it. Azra must also pay attention to her own struggles in the meanwhile.

‘Private Lesson’ focuses on some very real and relevant issues of today. Faced by youngsters worldwide, the trials and tribulations of the internet prove to be the basis of the movie. Hande goes through so much trouble to be noticed by Utku. Furthermore, she does things she doesn’t want to do under peer pressure. Such authentic facets make viewers wonder if the story of the movie ‘Private Lesson’ is inspired by a true events. Let’s find out.

Private Lesson is an Original Screenplay

‘Private Lesson’ is not based on a true story. Murat Disli and Yasemin Erturan are the writers of this Turkish movie. Azra and Hande’s adventures to fulfill the latter’s goal are completely fictionalized. Azra, a private tutor, helps her pupils achieve whatever they set their minds to. From building confidence to attracting a person they like, Azra can help them with anything. Naturally, youngsters go to Azra with their teenage issues. Hande reaches out to her to accentuate her personality so that Utku, a famous boy in the University, notices her and likes her.

It would be great to have a person like Azra in young people’s lives. The modern world poses so many different challenges each day. A tutor like Azra can help teen kids achieve their objectives with ease, provided they invest their energies in impactful activities. She is understanding, kind and caring. Consequently, young people yearn for a tutor like Azra, who actually listens to their problems and offers substantial advice. To many teenagers’ angst, Azra is not a real person.

Additionally, aspects like peer pressure, harassment over naked images, and the urge to look cool to fit in arise from the growing role of social media in our lives. It’s good to have a person one can call for help when such tricky situations arise. Azra helps all her pupils navigate tough situations like these and gives them the advice to stay out of trouble. Also, calling parents or relatives in those situations is very risky as they don’t listen to what the person has to say.

Moreover, Azra and Burat’s romance is not real either. They have a wonderful relationship, and it’s sad to know a couple like that does not exist in real life. On the other hand, we are relieved that a person like Utku does not exist either. Nobody needs a person like him in their lives. In conclusion, despite the portrayal of some honest and realistic elements, the movie ‘Private Lesson’ or ‘Ozel Ders’ is not based on a true story.

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