Netflix’s Squared Love All Over Again: Is the Movie Based on a Real Couple?

Netflix’s ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ is a romance movie that follows the story of Enzo and Monika. A sequel to ‘Squared Love’, it focuses on their relationship as it goes through a tough time with their lives and careers moving in opposite directions. Things get more complicated between them with the arrival of Rafał, whose chemistry with Monika makes the media create stories about their romantic life. Directed by Filip Zylber, the film shows Monika and Enzo going through many ups and downs in their life, making the audience wonder if their relationship will survive this test of time. Such realistic challenges in their story make one wonder if the filmmakers based it on a real relationship. Is ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ inspired by a true story? Let’s find out.

Squared Love All Over Again is a Fictional Story

No, ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ is neither based on a true story nor on a book. The film’s screenplay is written by Natalia Matuszek and Wiktor Piatkowski. Piatkowski had also co-written the script of the first film in the series, ‘Squared Love’, along with Marzanna Polit. Despite having the same characters as their focus the two films differ on a lot of fronts.

The first film, where Enzo and Monika meet each other and fall in love, was a more traditional rom-com, which set the foundation of their relationship. With two people from different worlds coming together and falling in love, it was a dreamier side of love, which gave a happily ever after to the characters. The second film is more grounded in reality as it chronicles the events that come after the happy ending of a romance story. What happens when a fairy tale romance enters the real world? Will it be able to survive the challenges that life brings? This is what becomes the core of ‘Squared Love All Over Again’.

Despite not being based on true events, the film presents a story that many people can relate to on different levels. The main conflict arises when a huge shift takes place in the professional lives of Enzo and Monika. While she gets more opportunities and becomes more popular and successful, Enzo’s career takes a nosedive and he is forced into the shadows. This leads to insecurity and jealousy from Enzo, which starts to impact their relationship.

The film also brings the characters closer to reality by underlining the consequences of their actions. In the previous film, Enzo left Alicja, who was also his boss, after he fell in love with Monika. This time around, he feels the wrath of Alicja’s anger, who blacklists him from the industry, destroying his career for good. Reality kicks into Enzo when he realizes that he is not skilled to do any other task, which further brings down his self-esteem, making him all the more problematic when it comes to their relationship.

It is through plot points like these that ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ keeps its audience captivated. The realistic portrayal of the challenges that real people face in their lives grounds Enzo and Monika’s romance, making it easier for the viewers to root for them. It is possible that the writers looked towards the challenges in their own relationships or the ones around them to put Enzo and Monika through the test. It isn’t clear whether they based it on a specific relationship, but considering all that has gone into the film, we can assume that their intent was to keep things as close to reality as possible and present these relatable troubles through a fictional lens.

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