Is Netflix’s The Marriage App Based on a True Story?

Originally titled ‘Matrimillas,’ the Netflix romantic comedyThe Marriage App’ is directed by Sebastián De Caro. It revolves around a couple in crisis. Belen and Federico have a somewhat happy married life and live together with their two kids. The couple decides to spice up their romantic life with the help of an app. However, things go awry as they receive more than they bargained for.

Starring Luisana Lopilato, Cristina Castaño, and Juan Minujín, the Spanish movie explores the tribulations of a married couple and their quest to bring back the missing romance. Through Belen and Federico’s lives, it offers an honest portrayal of the good, bad, and ugly things that together make up a healthy marriage. Hence, it makes the viewers wonder if the story is that of a real couple. Let’s dive into the details.

Is The Marriage App a True Story?

No, ‘The Marriage App’ is not based on a true story. Gabriel Korenfeld worked on the fictional story and screenplay of the drama movie in collaboration with Rocio Blanco. It is a movie that revolves around the effort it takes to sustain a happy relationship and marriage. Belen and Federico look happy on the surface, but they have their own issues to deal with. So, they opt for a marriage app that tracks the good and bad deeds the partners do for each other. Moreover, they receive and lose points for the same.

The couple strives to maintain a healthy balance in life between work and family. Belen is the practical one in the couple as she ensures the smooth functioning of the household. Federico is a sweet and kind husband, but he remains lost in his thoughts and does not pay attention to the needs of the house. Consequently, this scenario is a problem in several modern households, wherein one partner has to manage everything on their own while the other doesn’t even do the bare minimum. A couple can maintain balance only when both partners do their job diligently.

The movie also depicts the issues faced by their children. In the quest to get their relationship on track, the couple forgets about their kids. They miss out on Antonio’s basketball matches and leave them at their grandmother’s place as well. Belen and Federico neglect their children and don’t focus on what they might need from their parents. The obsession with points exceeds to the point where the couple sees nothing and no one else.

The movie shows the true essence of communication in a marriage or relationship. It’s of utmost importance for partners and spouses to maintain open and honest communication with each other. Consequently, they strive to understand each other better. Communication opens the doors for a healthier relationship where the needs of both partners are fulfilled. The issues in the movie would have found a quicker resolution if the spouses had been honest with each other from the beginning.

‘The Marriage App’ uses a multitude of themes to accentuate the point of the plot. With authentic characters and a very relevant storyline, it ignites a thought-provoking conversation between married and committed couples. Furthermore, it’s a commentary on modern parenting. Having said all that, we reiterate that the narrative is the product of Gabriel Korenfeld’s creative imagination and is not based on actual events.

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