Netflix’s Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me: Is the Movie Based on Real Life?

Netflix’s ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ is a romantic drama movie directed by Robert Wichrowski. It follows Nina, a middle-aged journalist stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband. However, when Janek, her former, much younger lover, returns to her life, the carefully established balance between Nina’s role as a mother, a boss, and a wife is disturbed.

The beautifully shot film successfully captures the emotions of its characters, conveying a whirlwind of complex feelings. Besides, the story is driven by the passion and romance between its main characters, so viewers must be curious to learn about its inspiration. If you wonder whether ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ is inspired by a true story, here is everything you need to know!

Adaptation of Anna Szczypczynska’s Novel

No, ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ is not based on a true story. The film is an adaptation of author Anna Szczypczynska’s polish-language book ‘Dzisiaj Spisz Ze Mną.’ It is her debut novel, before which she wrote an internet blog focused on lifestyle, travel, and health. Szczypczynska also worked as a journalist before becoming a full-time author. ‘Dzisiaj Spisz Ze Mną’ was first published in 2018, and its title loosely translates to ‘You’re Sleeping With Me Tonight.’ The novel was adapted into a screenplay by writer Anna Janyska and directed by Robert Wichrowski.

The novel, which serves as the source material for the movie, is mostly fictional. Although considering the book is Szczypczynska’s first foray into writing fiction, the author likely drew inspiration from her personal experiences to tell the story. The narrative follows Nina, a middle-aged woman who lives an arranged life with her children and husband. Sadly, she is experiencing a rough patch in her marriage with her husband when she reunites with Janek, her former lover.

The book and its film adaptation depict Nina as older than Janke. Thus, the story deals with the theme of an age gap in a relationship where the woman is considerably older than the man. It highlights the passion in a romance that can help willingly and unwillingly cross several boundaries. The same is evident in the film as Nina and Janek seek to unite but are restricted by social norms. Despite being a romantic story, it deals with several complicated emotions stemming from Nina and Janek’s feelings for each other. Through their romance, the narrative highlights the complex choices we face daily and their consequences on ourselves and those around us.

Besides, the book explores the theme of infidelity as Nina cheats on her husband with Janek. Through Nina’s romance with Janek, the movie highlights the cracks in Nina’s marriage with her husband. Nonetheless, the novel also gives messages of self-love and self-worth as Nina seeks to make herself feel special without a man’s presence. As a result, the passion, love, longing, and guilt stemming from Nina’s affair create a flawed protagonist in a story designed to showcase the eroticism of relationships. Yet, underneath this facade lies a story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery and fight to keep her individualism.

Ultimately, ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ is not based on a true story. It adapts the Polish novel ‘Dzisiaj Spisz Ze Mną’ and remains mainly faithful to its source material. The story is emotionally resonant for viewers as it deals with the consequences of choices one makes purely out of passion. The disruption caused in Nina’s seemingly well-organized life by her attempt to rekindle an old flame is rooted in reality through the raw portrayal of the characters’ emotions, flaws, and desires.

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