Is Sherman Thompson Married? Who is His Wife?

Sherman Thompson is a long-time member of the cast of the popular reality show on the DIY Network— ‘Barnwood Builders.’ A long-time member of the talented crew of woodwork specialists that salvage vintage pioneer-era log structures and turn them into stunning modern homes, he has featured on the show since its first season. Now, with ‘Barnwood Builders’ in its 11th season, Sherman is a household name amongst fans. However, the master of chainsaws has decidedly kept his private life out of public view. If you’re curious about whether Sherman Thompson is married and if he has kids, we’ve got the info!

Sherman Thompson’s Wife and Children

Sherman Thompson is married to Roma Andreuzzi, whom he met sometime in the late 2010s. Though their exact wedding date remains unknown, Sherman and Roma have been married for more than a decade. Sherman hails from Fleming County, Kentucky, while Roma hails from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Roma is of Italian heritage from her father Attilio Andreuzzi’s side, who was born in Italy. After earning her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she worked with a security services company as a supervisor of investigations.

Image Credit: Around Town Newspaper

She subsequently moved to work in the hospitality industry and seems to be currently employed as a property management administrator with Laurel Highlands Rentals. The couple currently lives with their two daughters, Agostina and Felicia, in Acme, Pennsylvania. Sherman got his start in woodworking when he started working in a sawmill many years ago. He subsequently began working as a carpenter.

Sherman’s friendship with Johnny Jett (who also features on the show) resulted in the two working together on multiple log cabin projects, including building one for Johnny’s late brother Billy and dismantling and salvaging many more. It was through Johnny, who was approached by the founder of Barnwood Living – Mark Bowe – when he came looking to source vintage logs, that Sherman got involved with the company and subsequently the eponymous show ‘Barnwood Builders.’

Apart from using his prodigious woodworking skills to restore historic wooden structures, Sherman is also a farmer and tobacco grower. His country roots remain strong as he describes how even the rural city of Flemingsburg, where he used to live and which had a population of less than 3000 in the year 2010, was too big for him. Sherman’s current residence in Acme, an unincorporated, historically agricultural community in Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and two daughters, seems to be the kind of place Sherman likes living in.

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