Is Sophie Skelton’s Bree MacKenzie Pregnant in Outlander?

In Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander,’ Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna cherishes an admirable relationship with Roger MacKenzie. When Brianna finds out that her mother is a time traveler and her father is a Scottish Highland warrior, she becomes perplexed. Roger, with his patience and care, extends his support to Brianna to process the revelations.

Irrespective of numerous challenges that come their way, Brianna and Roger build an appealing life together. In the fifth episode of the sixth season, Brianna talks to her husband about inviting a new guest to their little family, making one intrigued about the same. If you want to make sure whether Sophie Skelton’s Brianna is pregnant, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie Pregnant?

Yes, Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie is pregnant. In the sixth season of the show, Brianna and Roger finally settle down and overcome several threats. They move on from the misfortunes that befell them after the encounters with Stephen Bonnet and Lionel Brown. With their son Jeremiah, Brianna and Roger nurture their family life.

However, the arrival of Tom Christie with a group of homeless settlers changes the dynamics of Brianna and Roger’s marriage, at least temporarily. Roger starts to help Amy McCallum settle in Fraser’s Ridge with her son Aidan. His commitment to providing shelter and food for Amy stirs rumors that Roger is fond of the widow more than his wife Brianna. In the fifth episode of season 6, Brianna confronts Roger regarding the same. He makes it clear that he is helping Amy to keep a promise and there isn’t anything to worry about.

Roger dismisses Brianna’s concern at first, but he realizes the gravity of the situation after a conversation with Malva. So, he puts an end to his frequent visits to Amy’s cabin and reaffirms his love and care for Brianna. In return, his wife reveals that she is pregnant. Roger and Brianna share their joy of welcoming a fourth member to their family.

Even though Brianna’s pregnancy is an affair to rejoice in the Fraser family, the timing could not be any worse. The impending Revolutionary War and Jamie’s allegiance to the Rebels may create unrest in their settlement, possibly affecting Brianna and her family. If Jamie’s settlers decide to take a stand against their lord, Brianna and her unborn child may not be in a safe and secure environment. After surviving Bonnet’s atrocities, confronting another horrendous phase of life may not help the mother and child. If Jamie gets forced to leave the Ridge, Brianna will need to be more careful as an expecting mother.

According to Diana Gabaldon’s book ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes’ – the source material for the show’s sixth season – Brianna and Roger reconsider returning to the 20th century after deciding to stay back at Fraser’s Ridge. If the show follows the same, Brianna is expected to make important decisions for the well-being of her family, which might mean leaving Claire and Jamie. As the War that changes the fate of her home country approaches, Brianna may need to witness the same and suffer its consequences while awaiting the birth of her second child.

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