Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

The third episode of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ season 6 follows the aftermath of Henri-Christian’s birth. The newborn’s dwarfism changes the dynamics of Fergus’ marriage with Marsali, leading the former to severely despair. Tom Christie undergoes an operation to treat his hand. His peculiar behavior towards Claire makes the latter suspicious about Tom’s past.

Ian accompanies Malva when her father undergoes the operation. Meanwhile, Fergus makes an important decision concerning his life, only to get interrupted by Jamie. Intrigued by the tensions that arise in the episode’s end, we have taken a detailed look at its ending. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of season 6, titled ‘Temperance,’ begins with a group of children putting Henri-Christian in a basket to flow in the river to test whether the baby is a demon. Jamie calls the children to his home and asks them to touch either a burning poker stick or the baby as a punishment for their acts. The children touch the baby and realize that he isn’t a burning demon boy.

Fergus opens up about his fears to Claire regarding Henri-Christian’s future as a dwarf. He succumbs to alcohol, thinking the baby’s dwarfism is his fault. When Marsali asks him to stop drinking alcohol, he storms out of their house. Tom Christie meets Claire and tells her that his left hand is healed to proceed with the surgery of the right hand. When Claire asks him to take the ether she made, he rejects it and undergoes the operation without an anesthetic.

Malva encounters Ian when she looks at her father’s operation from outside. Ian accompanies Malva to her home and they both start to nurture a bond. Malva reveals to Ian that her mother was hanged upon the accusations of witchcraft. After the operation, Tom spends a night in the Frasers’ household for Claire to monitor him.

Intrigued by Tom’s peculiar behavior towards her, Claire asks Jamie whether he was in Ardsmuir prison when Malva was conceived. Even though Jamie initially believes that Malva must be Tom’s daughter from a second marriage, conceived upon his arrival in the New World, Jamie starts to possess the same doubt when Malva tells him that she was born in Scotland.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 3 Ending: Why Does Fergus Attempt Suicide? Does He Reconcile with Marsali?

Fergus and Marsali’s adorable relationship becomes fragile when Fergus starts to think that he is responsible for the misfortune that happened to his family due to Lionel Brown. Guilt starts to accumulate in his heart, leading him to alcoholism. Still, Fergus fights his despair to be with his newborn son, only to get astounded upon knowing that his son is a dwarf. He believes that he didn’t protect his wife from enemies — who hit her — affecting their son to become a dwarf.

Even though Claire informs him that his son’s dwarfism has nothing to do with the incident, the guilt in Fergus fails to find a way out. When Marsali reveals to Fergus that she killed Lionel Brown for the cruelty he had inflicted on their family, Fergus gets emotionally hurt. He pities his inability to protect his family and starts to feel shame for being protected by his wife. Offending Marsali, he stoops to alcoholism again.

On Quarter Day, his presence disgusts the new settlers in Fraser’s Ridge, provoking him to retaliate against them. He attempts suicide, thinking that he is not able enough to protect and provide for his family as a man. Fergus chooses to die rather than live under the protection of his wife, suffering from the guilt of not safeguarding his family and child. He cuts his nerves to bleed to death.

However, Jamie saves Fergus from dying. His adoptive father tells Fergus that his family needs him for more than what he brings to them. Jamie also reminds Fergus how much he has suffered to protect his family and how much potential he has to turn his life around. Jamie’s words help Fergus realize that he should overcome the guilt he suffers. He also understands that he is not to blame for the misfortunes that happened to his family. The realizations lead him to reconcile with Marsali upon taking an oath that he will stop drinking alcohol.

Do the Cherokees Receive the Guns? Is the Revolutionary War Starting?

Yes, the Cherokees receive the gun from Governor Martin. When Jamie realizes that he should give the Cherokees a fighting chance to defend themselves, he recommends providing the weapons they demand to the governor. Martin sends the guns (through Major MacDonald to Jamie) to be handed over to the Cherokees as the Indian agent. When the Boston Tea Party happens, the British Crown becomes aware that Rebels may wage war against the autonomy of Britain anytime soon. In the wake of the impending war, Martin provides guns to the Cherokees to influence them to become potential allies on the battlefield.

The Governor realizes that dismissing the Cherokees’ demand will provoke them to side with Rebels, negatively affecting the Crown and Loyalists. Meanwhile, Claire informs Jamie that the Boston Tea Party is the start of the Revolutionary War. Claire’s words become a warning signal for Jamie, who wishes to put an end to his allegiance towards the Crown to fight for Rebels in the War. Upon transferring the guns to the Cherokees, Jamie may warn them about their fate and the outcome of the war, which he already knows through Claire and Brianna.

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