Is Terricka Pregnant? Who is the Father of Her Baby in P-Valley?

In Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Terricka and her mother Mercedes Woodbine lead a conflicted relationship. After knowing that her dance teacher is actually her real mother, Terricka questions Mercedes why she hasn’t taken care of her after becoming independent. Even though Mercedes tries to explain the unwinnable legal procedures behind the same, Terricka doesn’t accept them. However, in the sixth episode of season 2, she rushes to Mercedes crying. When Mercedes asks her what happened to her, her daughter gives her a pregnancy test strip. If you are curious to know more about the same, let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Terricka Pregnant?

Yes, Terricka is pregnant. When Mercedes asks about the reason behind her crying, Terricka gives her a pregnancy test strip with “Yes+” shown on the same. Since Terricka hasn’t overcome the shock of the same, Mercedes doesn’t find out anything more about her daughter’s pregnancy. Terricka must be scared about repeating her mother’s life, who got pregnant at the age of 15. Since Mercedes was forced to part ways with her daughter due to her age, Terricka must be worrying the same or at least about how her pregnancy will rewrite her fate. If Mercedes’ experience is any lesson, it isn’t a surprise that Terricka is worried.

First of all, the fate of Terricka’s baby may get decided by Mercedes and Shelle. Taking care of Terricka has broken Shelle’s life, which led her to call her a “mistake.” As far as Shelle is concerned, Terricka is just the embodiment of her husband Cortez’s mistake. It is unlikely that she will accept Terricka’s baby in addition to her. Shelle may only consider the baby as an added burden. As someone who found comfort in alcohol to suppress the anger and helplessness she feels due to taking care of Terricka, to honor the word she gave to her husband, Shelle may want Terricka to abort the baby.

If Terricka doesn’t want to abort her baby, she may reconnect with Mercedes. It is unlikely that Mercedes will stand against her wish. If that’s the case, we may also see the much-awaited reunion of the mother and daughter, happening after Cortez has asked Shelle to not let Terricka live with her real mother. Mercedes most likely will take care of her pregnant daughter in an attempt to right her wrong. Since Mercedes had gone through the same experience, she may also know how to deal with it. If Terricka starts to live with Mercedes, they may get to nurture an unbreakable bond.

Who is the Father of Terricka’s Baby?

The identity of Terricka’s baby’s father is unrevealed. Since she doesn’t have any known love interests, it will even be hard to suspect anyone. Regardless of the identity of the father, Terricka must be fearing whether she will be forced to let go of her baby as Mercedes did due to her father Cortez. The father’s reaction to Terricka’s pregnancy test may also affect the fate of the baby, especially if he wants her to go through an abortion procedure.

Even though it will be hard for Terricka, she may try to commendably move forward with her decision concerning the baby, regardless of what the father, Mercedes, or Shelle tells her. We can expect her to take a decision that does justice to her life rather than getting forced to follow the words of others.

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