Who is Mercedes’ Baby’s Father in P-Valley?

The second season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ depicts the folks of Chucalissa dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic affects the livelihood of several people, including Mercedes Woodbine’s daughter Terricka. In the third episode of the show, the mother and daughter talk about their past and how it affected the latter’s childhood. The conversation also leads to Mercedes’ realization that she has failed as a mother without an excuse. As the conflicts between Terricka and Mercedes deepen, the viewers must want to know who exactly is the father of the former. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Terricka’s father. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Mercedes’ Baby’s Father?

Cortez, the late husband of Shelle, is the father of Mercedes’ daughter Terricka. Mercedes, when she was 15, had an affair with Cortez. Since Mercedes really loved him, she told him that she is 18 to not lose him. Their affair eventually paved the way for Mercedes’ pregnancy, which shook the lives of both of them. When Mercedes gave birth to Terricka, her mother Patrice Woodbine made it clear that a 15-year-old girl cannot live as a mother, taking care of her newborn. With no other option in front of her, Mercedes had to follow Cortez’s wishes, who wanted Terricka to grow up as his and his wife Shelle’s daughter.

Even though Cortez seemingly did not care much about Mercedes, he was concerned about Terricka. He made sure that his daughter will be in safe hands with Shelle even though Terricka is not her daughter. On his deathbed, right before he died, he asked Shelle to take care of Terricka, which bound Cortez’s wife and daughter together. Terricka continued to live with Shelle as her daughter and Mercedes’ only way to spend her time with her becomes her dance classes. Eventually, Terricka comes to know that her real mother is her dance teacher and not Shelle.

Cortez’s last wish affected the lives of Shelle, Terricka, and Mercedes severely. Shelle got stuck with a child that represented her husband’s mistake and unfaithfulness. As a wife, Shelle has been loyal to Cortez even after his death by protecting and nurturing Terricka. But Shelle doesn’t know why she has to be loyal to a dead man who was disloyal to her when he was alive. Although Shelle manages to provide for Terricka, she fails to be her mother because she cannot disassociate Terricka from Cortez’s unfaithfulness.

As far as Mercedes is concerned, Cortez’s decision to separate her and Terricka created an unhealing wound in the relationship between the mother and daughter. Even when Mercedes grew up to become a woman living on her own, she couldn’t retrieve Terricka from Shelle. Cortez’s wish to not let his daughter live with a stripper gave Shelle no choice but to hold onto his daughter. Mercedes had to accept that Terricka cannot live with her because, according to herself, no court will let the latter live with a stripper. Terricka, however, only sees the same as Mercedes’ excuse for not being responsible for her.

Cortez’s last wish before his death not only separates Mercedes and Terricka but also spoils Shelle’s life. The widow seeks comfort in alcohol again after becoming sober for a while. Even though Terricka wants to live with Mercedes, Shelle’s insistence on honoring her late husband’s wish prevents the mother and daughter’s life together.

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