P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

The third episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2, titled ‘The Dirty Dozen,’ follows Lil Murda’s Dirty Dozen tour with Keyshawn. He receives advice from her regarding approaching Uncle Clifford to mend their broken relationship. Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night and Clifford discuss the future of The Pynk as Corbin Kyle still awaits a chance to buy the strip club. Roulette emerges as a new sensation in The Pynk while Mercedes Woodbine accepts Cedric Haynes AKA Coach’s proposition. As the episode ends with unforeseen developments, we have taken a magnified look at the same. Let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

‘The Dirty Dozen’ begins with Roulette engaging in oral sex with a customer, discarding the rules of Uncle Clifford. She makes her presence known in The Pynk with Whisper while Mercedes struggles to get back to her best after the fall. Wayne Kyle attends a meeting of pastors as part of his campaign to win the referendum required to move forward with The Promised Land casino and resort. While a pastor assures his support to Wayne, Patrice Woodbine publicly speaks against him and his plans, infuriating the mayor. Lil Murda gets celebrated in all the venues he performs as part of his tour.

Mercedes meets Coach and accepts to be in a sexual relationship with him in return for the funding for her gym. She gets acquainted with Farrah Haynes, Coach’s wife. Mercedes’ insistence that Coach’s wife should agree with her arrangement with him impresses Farrah. The stripper offers the “Mercedes experience” to the husband and wife. Farrah, captivated by Mercedes’ performance, joins her and Coach in a threesome. Hailey and Clifford talk about selling the strip club and the former agrees that Clifford can take 31% of the sale amount if Corbin accepts her demand.

Lil Murda expresses his feelings for Clifford in a postcard he wants to send her. Keyshawn reads the same and lets the rapper know that he needs to do better with his writing. She rewrites the card and sends it to Clifford, who affectionately reads the same.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Will Roulette and Duffy Get Together? What is Duffy and Big L Trafficking?

Even though Roulette is a new addition at The Pynk, it doesn’t take long for her to establish herself at the strip club. She not only gets celebrated for her performances but also starts to gain the attention of people associated with the strip club one way or another, including Duffy. After Gidget’s departure from The Pynk, Duffy has been living a lonely life. After meeting Roulette for the first time, Duffy expresses his interest in her right away. Duffy must be expecting Roulette to replace Gidget in his life as she does in The Pynk.

However, Roulette doesn’t seem like someone who will be interested in a commitment. As an ambitious and independent woman, Roulette may not settle for a typical relationship with Duffy. Still, Roulette may get together with him, only because she knows that he is a drug trafficker. She sees Duffy and Big L readying a consignment of oxycodone containers and seemingly realizes that they are dealing with big money. Roulette may find Duffy’s drug trafficking an opportunity to gain money from him. If getting together with Duffy will help her, she may consider it.

Roulette has always made it clear that her priority is money. She unflinchingly discards Uncle Clifford’s rules and competes with Mercedes for the same. If she can acquire a part of Duffy’s settlements by getting together with him, she is likely to give it a thought. Since Duffy is unlikely to be a toxic boyfriend, Roulette may not have any concerns about their possible union.

Will Wayne Close Down Patrice’s Church?

Patrice’s opposition against mayor Wayne Kyle and his plans to build The Promised Land casino and resort infuriates him enough to retaliate. He orders Patrice to close down her church to maintain social distancing rules imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Wayne considers Patrice as a threat as the referendum concerning the future of The Promised Land gets nearby. He realizes that Patrice can influence the believers coming to her church to vote against him. Thus, he tries his best to prevent that from happening.

However, Wayne’s interference in Patrice’s life may not produce desired results for him. Patrice’s church is not just a physical space for Wayne to close down. It is her following and acceptance in the community. Even if Wayne succeeds in closing down the establishment, Patrice will most likely end up in the streets protesting against him. She may accuse him of closing down the home of God while planning to open a casino, a potential home of the devil. Since there are several voters in Chucalissa to listen to Patrice, Wayne may get forced to not involve with her and her church.

Patrice has fought against her daughter Mercedes to open her church. The establishment symbolizes her ambition and she may not tolerate any harmful intervention against the same. To keep her church open, Patrice may fight Wayne more intensely than refraining from opposing him. Thus, Wayne is fighting a battle he cannot win by trying to close down the church.

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