What Happened to Roulette’s Brother Demethrius? How Did He Die?

The fourth episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2 revolves around protests and riots that happen due to the murder of a Black man. Lil Murda and Keyshawn/Miss Mississippi, along with their group, fail to continue their Dirty Dozen tour because of the protests. The mayors of several cities, including Chucalissa‘s Wayne Kyle, impose a curfew until peace is established in their regions. Meanwhile, Roulette hides from her colleagues who are listening to the news about the riots and protests. To Duffy, who finds her crying, Roulette talks about her brother Demethrius. But what exactly happened to him? How did he die? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Demethrius? How Did He Die?

Demethrius was killed by the police for allegedly carrying a firearm after noticing him driving with a broken tail light. When protests and riots ensue when the law enforcement kills an unarmed Black man, the news concerning the same triggers Roulette. She remembers Demethrius and tells Duffy that her brother hadn’t carried a gun even though the police said so. The footage of the Black man’s killing unsettles her since Demethrius did not get murdered any different. She shows her anger and frustration concerning the murders and expresses how much she misses her brother to Duffy.

Demethrius’ death, along with the murder of the Black man, is used as an element to address the deaths of numerous Black individuals who were killed by the police. Demethrius and the unnamed Black man represent several Black individuals killed by law enforcement over allegations of carrying a firearm or firearms. As per reports, between 2015 and 2021, a minimum of 135 unarmed Black individuals were fatally shot by police officers due to suspicion, reminding us of the death of Demethrius. Reports also state that at least 75% of the officers were white, which indicates the racial tensions present in the incidents.

The atrocities faced by Black people were and are not limited to fatal shots. The death of George Floyd showed the world how barbarous police officers are when it comes to Black people. Whether it be Demethrius or Floyd, they are the victims of systemic racism, which is heavily rooted in the operation of law enforcement divisions. Through the murder of the unarmed Black man and Demethrius, the show expresses how vulnerable Black individuals are in communities where they are considered potential threats and not human beings worthy of living.

Roulette’s sadness over Demethrius’ death is also a representation of several families who had lost their loved ones due to police brutality. Over the years, numerous families have sought justice for the ones killed as a result of systemic racism, only to witness deplorable murders happening nationwide one after the other. For Roulette, the murder of the Black man is proof that nothing had changed in the country even after the murder of her brother. She is witnessing individuals like Demethrius getting killed by police officers who manage to get away from their deserved punishments.

Roulette is forced to think about Demethrius’ death again and again whenever a Black person gets killed in the same way. In reality, 1,046 individuals were shot and killed by the police in 2021 in the country. Even though Black Americans account for only 13% of the United States population, 27% of the victims were from the group. Since 2015, around 1,596 Black Americans were killed by the police at a rate of 38 per million. Demethrius and the unnamed Black man represent every one of them as ‘P-Valley’ pays respect to the Black victims through the two off-screen characters.

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