Is Tessa Pregnant? Will She and Hardin Have a Baby in After?

Starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, the ‘After’ films revolve around the lives of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, who cherish a steamy relationship after meeting for the first time while attending college. In the third film of the series, ‘After We Fell,’ Tessa goes to see a gynecologist to start her birth control, only to discover a startling diagnosis concerning her ability to conceive children. In ‘After Ever Happy,’ Tessa’s pregnancy becomes a significant matter of concern between the couple. She also consults a doctor regarding the same, intriguing the viewers. So, is Tessa pregnant? Are she and Harding going to welcome their baby to the world? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Tessa Pregnant?

No, Tessa is not pregnant. In ‘After We Fell,’ Tessa and Hardin decide against thinking about having a baby for the time being, which leads the former to her gynecologist. Upon the consultation, the doctor lets her know that she shouldn’t worry about having an accidental pregnancy or birth control since she has cervical insufficiency or in other words, an incompetent cervix. Due to the condition, Tessa may not be able to conceive a child or carry her baby to the complete term even if she gets pregnant. Her cervical tissues are too weak for her to deliver a healthy baby since she is running the risk of having a premature delivery if she gets pregnant.

In ‘After Ever Happy,’ Tessa goes to see a doctor to confirm the condition and not because she is pregnant. Although Tessa and Hardin have a rocky relationship in the film, they still share intimacy but it is extremely unlikely that she will get pregnant with her condition. Tessa may not even want to try to get pregnant since she cannot fulfill the pregnancy term. Since she knows that her baby most likely will not survive if she conceives, Tessa is expected to avoid getting pregnant altogether. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Tessa and Hardin will never have a baby.

Will Tessa and Hardin Have a Baby?

Tessa and Hardin can still consider adoption in the future. After explaining the test results, Tessa’s doctor lets her know that there are enough options, including adoption, for her to become a mother if raising a kid is one of her aspirations. Tessa can also rely on surrogacy if she doesn’t change her mind about wanting a child. In the upcoming films of the series, we can expect her to make a decision concerning her future, specifically regarding her wish to become a mother. Even if Tessa wants to become a mother, Hardin has a long road ahead of him to become the father of Tessa’s child.

While Tessa deals with the heart-rending diagnosis of her cervical insufficiency, Hardin fails to support her. He gets more concerned about wanting a child rather than his partner’s suffering, which infuriates Tessa. Hardin has always insisted that he doesn’t want to have kids and his change of heart, especially after Tessa’s diagnosis, makes her reconsider the thoughts she had about raising a family together with Hardin. Since ‘After Ever Happy’ ends with the break-up of the couple, for the time being, Hardin should win Tessa back if he is leaning towards having a baby with her. If they succeed in reuniting, Tessa and Hardin may make a decision together concerning having a child, possibly considering the other options detailed by the former’s doctor.

Hardin hasn’t encouraged the notion of having children much, even when Tessa wanted the same. We may need to wait for the fifth film in the series, ‘After Everything,’ to know whether such a person would want to become a father of a child, who was born to two individuals in no way connected to him. Thus, it will be intriguing to see whether Tessa’s wish to have children would come in between the prospects of her and Hardin’s reunion as a couple.

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