Is The Kominsky Method a True Story?

Starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, Netflix’s ‘The Kominsky Method’ is a dramedy series that follows Sandy Kominsky and his friend Norman Newlander’s struggle with the challenges of aging. After the death of Norman’s wife, both of them come to realize the unpredictability of life and are left to contemplate their own mortality.

While delving deeper into deep philosophical questions about life, the series manages to be funny and entertaining for the viewers who may sometimes wonder if the story of Sandy and Norman is inspired by someone in particular from the entertainment industry. If you find yourself thinking something similar and are now looking for answers, you have come to the right place. Let’s see if there is some truth to the dramedy series or if it is entirely fictional.

Is The Kominsky Method Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Kominsky Method’ is not based on a true story. It is created by the famous screenwriter Chuck Lorre, who is also responsible for some of the most popular series of the early twenty-first century like ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and ‘Two and a Half Men.’ While with most of his shows, the mega creator has explored juvenescence, with the Netflix dramedy series, it appears Lorre wished to do the exact opposite.

Speaking about the conception of the series at the Television Critics Association press tour, Chuck said, “The show began because of my desire to write about what I’m living, which is getting older and entropy and the decay of the flesh.” The writer also added, “It has to be funny, otherwise it’s heartbreaking. There’s (the) loss of loved ones and how it affects your relationships and friendships. How do you respond to a culture that feels like it’s moving away from you? That was the impetus for the show — to do all that, and hopefully have some comedy involved.”

The show addressed serious issues, but in spite of that, Chuck ensured that it was funny and entertaining for the viewers. People who are familiar with his work will realize that he has a strange way of finding humor in unlikely places — sometimes even in serious situations — without ever really crossing the line. So, even though he touches upon several sensitive issues in the show, Lorre always finds a way to make his viewers laugh.

Another crucial aspect of the story is Sandy’s love life. The writer has explained in an interview that knowing that it was strange for someone his age to be single, he wanted to introduce a character who was his equal. He interestingly also wanted to ensure that Sandy’s partner challenged him and was never afraid to speak her mind. Therefore, when he developed Lisa’s character, Lorre made sure that she was a bit smarter and grounded than her significant other.

Interestingly, Douglas never really saw himself as an older adult before he got the show. He admitted that he was a bit surprised that he was being considered for the part. But one good look at the mirror challenged all his initial reservations. Speaking about the show, the veteran actor said, “I do try to pick projects that resonate with me.” He then also added, “I certainly understand Sandy Kominsky and some of the stuff that he’s going through.”

So, it appears that the problems that Chuck Lorre has explored in the dramedy series are not unique to him but are, in fact, every aging men’s concern. However, it is now increasingly clear that even though the show takes inspiration from real-life issues, the characters and the story are not inspired by someone specific. So, we can conclude that ‘The Kominsky Method’ is not a true story.

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