The Villains of Valley View: Is the Comedy Series Based on Real People?

Disney’s ‘The Villains of Valley View‘ is an action comedy series that centers on a family of supervillains — a mad scientist, Vic, his electrical supervillain wife, Eva, and their kids, Amy, Jake, and Colby. Formerly a part of the League of Villains led by Onyx in the city of Centropolis, Amy attempts to convince Onyx to reconsider his decision to promote someone else over her family, which doesn’t go as per her plan as he ends up insulting her family instead. When Amy attacks Onyx for the same, her family goes on the run. Settling in Valley View, Texas, under the alias of the Madden family, they do their best to stay under the radar by maintaining an ordinary life and hiding from Onyx’s minions and superheroes.

Created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, the sci-fi sitcom features hilarious onscreen performances from a group of talented young actors and actresses, including Isabella Pappas, Lucy Davis, James Patrick Stuart, Kayden Muller-Janssen, and Malachi Barton. Putting the superpowers aspect aside, the family dynamics of the supervillain family and the theme of fake identities are ever so prevalent in the show as well as in real life. So, it is natural for many of you to wonder whether or not ‘The Villains of Valley View’ is based on true events.

The Villains of Valley View is a Fictional Story

‘The Villains of Valley View’ is not based on a true story. Given the inclusion of superpowers and supervillains in the show, it is evident that the screenplay of the Disney production cannot be rooted in reality whatsoever. Instead, the intriguing and gripping storyline can be credited to the creative minds and brilliant writing skills of all the screenwriters, including the creators of the series — Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore.

Although the superpowers aspect of the show screams fiction, the personality and certain traits of the characters are not as fictional as their superpowers. For instance, Kayden Muller-Janssen, who portrays Hartley in ‘The Villains of Valley View,’ was in a conversation with Sweety High in June 2022, where she got asked if there were any similarities and differences between her and her onscreen character. She replied, “Hartley is like a giant ball of sunshine! She is very kind and outgoing, and she loves to help others and her community. She is definitely a people person and doesn’t like to lie, which becomes difficult for her once she meets the Maddens.”

Kayden further expanded, “I think Hartley and I are very similar in the way that we both care deeply about others, but our one big difference is that I learned when my kindness was being taken advantage of, while I think Hartley has a bit of a harder time noticing that.” One of the primary reasons why you find the series and its themes familiar is that there have been similar movies and shows over the years, ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ being one of them. Created by Todd J. Greenwald, the fantasy sitcom focuses on the Russo family, who must keep their magical powers a secret to uphold the rules of the Wizard World as well as to protect themselves, just like the Madden family in ‘The Villains of Valley View.’

Moreover, the Russo family has a lair that they use for a variety of different things, including Wizard studies and housing magical objects. Similarly, Eva and Vic from ‘The Villains of Valley View’ turn their new basement into a lair to store their gadgets and hold villainy meetings. So, taking all the aforementioned factors into consideration, it would be safe to say that despite having similarities in themes when it comes to the real world, the fact remains that ‘The Villains of Valley View’ has nothing to do with reality!

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