Isabella Nardoni: Where is Her Family Now?

Image Credit: Ana Carolina Oliveira/Instagram

Directed by Micael Langer and Cláudio Manoel, Netflix’s ‘A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case,’ AKA ‘Isabella: O Caso Nardoni,’ tells the details of the story of the death of Isabella Nardoni, a five-year-old girl whose death created waves across the country of Brazil. The Brazilian crime documentary also sheds light on the life of Isabella’s family members and their involvement in this case. Naturally, people are curious about what they are up to these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Where is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now?

We are starting with Ana Carolina Oliveira, the mother of Isabella Nardoni and a woman of immense inner strength and resilience. Despite the decade and a half that has gone by after the death of her first child,  she continues to hold her in her heart. While heartbroken by the tragedy, she also became determined to become a mother once more and has since gotten married. As of writing, she is mother to two beautiful children, Miguel and Maria Fernanda, who are, as of writing, 7 and 3, respectively.

Additionally, Carolina is popular on the internet due to her continued support of movements that might stop similar incidents like the one involving Isabella. Though she has over 258K followers on Instagram, Carolina likes to preserve the privacy of her family as much as possible. In April 2023, she also shared a moving post celebrating that day on which her oldest would have turned 21 had the circumstances been different.

Where is Alexandre Nardoni Now?

Given his conviction as a guilty party in the case of Isabella Nardoni, her father, Alexandre Nardoni, continues to remain in prison. The man in question was sentenced to jail for 31 years, one month, and ten days for her death on March 27, 2010. Additionally, he was also asked to serve eight months of concurrent prison time for alleged tampering with a crime scene, given the attempts to clean blood splatters in his apartment. However, since 2019, Alexandre has been shifted to a semi-open regime and has been serving his sentence under that system.

Where is Anna Carolina Jatobá Now?

Anna Carolina Jatobá is the second wife of Alexandre Nardoni and was stepmother to Isabella Nardoni. By the time the latter had passed away, Jatobá herself had become a mother to two sons, Pietro and Cauã Nardoni. In the case of the murder of Isabella, she was also considered a guilty party and was convicted on March 27, 2010. As part of her punishment, she was imprisoned for a period of 26 years and eight months. Similarly to her husband, Jatobá was also asked to spend eight months in prison concurrently with her previous sentencing due to attempts of crime scene tampering. Since June 2023, she has been shifted to an open regime, which allows her to spend her daytime outside, which can be utilized to work a day job, though Jatobá has to spend her nights at a court-designated address.

Where is Rosa Oliveira Now?

Mother to Ana Carolina Oliveira, Rosa Oliveria appeared in the Netflix documentary to share her own insight into the tragedy that took the life of her granddaughter, Isabella Nardoni. Still carrying the grief, she shared how the media coverage of the story and the involvement of Alexandre Nardoni in the whole situation surprised her and her family. As of writing, Rosa does not seem to be very active on social media, but her support for her daughter Carolina and her love for her whole family was evident to see in the movie.

Where is José Arcanjo Oliveira Now?

Up next, we have José Arcanjo Oliveira, the father of Ana Carolina Oliveira and husband of Rosa Oliveira. Also featured in the Netflix movie, he talked about how his family tried to weather the storm of grief and media frenzy that surrounded them following the death of his granddaughter, Isabella Nardoni. Though not much active on social media, we are sure that Jose continues to live a happy life alongside his loved ones and is always there to support them, no matter the situation.

Where is Antônio Nardoni Now?

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Isabella’s paternal grandfather, Antônio Nardoni, is the father of Alexandre Nardoni and served as one of his son’s primary advisors during his legal battle against the accusations that held him responsible for the death of Isabella Nardoni. From all accounts, he is a successful tax lawyer who has worked alongside big names and is quite well-off financially. Apparently, his money served as the main source of wealth in the household of Alexandre Nardoni before the latter’s conviction. As of writing, it seems like Antônio is still an active in the field of law.

Where is Giovanna Oliveira Now?


With only months separating them, Giovanna Oliveira was apparently quite close to her cousin Isabella Nardoni. The former’s father is brother to the latter’s mother, Ana Carolina Oliveira, and the two girls grew up alongside each other. Their grandmother, Rosa Oliveira, stated that they were quite different in personalities as Giovanna was apparently calm while Isabella was outspoken. In the Netflix movie, the young woman shares how it always pains her that she lost someone who would have likely been her closest confidant growing up. We hope that despite the hardships of her younger years, Giovanna is doing well and is thriving in her chosen path for life.

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