Isabelle Bergman: The Love is Blind Sweden Contestant is Now a Nurse

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ has taken the tried and tested formula of the famous ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise and implemented it into the beautiful country of Sweden. The resulting love stories and heartbreaks have ensured that the world cannot take their eyes away from the people who have put their hearts on the line for this social experiment. For Isabelle Bergman from season 1, the show certainly did not go the way she had anticipated, but that does not mean that she did not make an impact on the viewers at home. Now, many of her admirers are curious to know more about the latest happenings in her life.

Isabelle Bergman’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Given the emphasis that the Netflix show puts on emotional connection, it is hardly a wonder that Isabelle Bergman seemed to cherish the genuinely comfortable bond she had been able to form with Oskar Nordstrand. As soon as the two first conversed in the pods, they hit it off quite well and found comfort in their shared sense of humor. For several minutes into their date, the two could do nothing but laugh, which certainly seemed like a great indication of a solid connection between them.

However, Oskar also could not help but feel like the light-hearted chemistry between him and Isabelle might not be a good foundation for a long-term relationship. Soon afterward, he fell headfirst for Meira Omar, whose thoughts and voice he could not help but feel charmed by. In fact, he started to envision a future between him and Meira quite quickly, whcih also made him realize that this just be the time for him to end his budding bond with Isabelle.

As such, Oskar entered the pods the next time and claimed that he felt like what he and Isballe had was a connection similar to one between two best friends. He added that their relationship felt more like a “bro-relationship,” something that Isabelle could not help but be slighted about. She even confessed the same to Meira, the two having formed a close connection despite them sharing a potential love interest.

Where is Isabelle Bergman Now?

Isabelle Bergman is certainly a woman of many talents, as evident by her varied interests and skills. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the reality TV star is an accomplished Operating Nurse, indicating her expertise in the field of medicine. In fact, she has held the same position at Södersjukhuset since January 2022. Prior to that, she had been affiliated with the company as a part-time Assistant Nurse, having joined the establishment in October 2021.

That said, Isabelle also works as a Personal Assistant for Annalunda, having started this particular part-time job in December 2022. The reality TV star is also heavily interested in martial arts, as evident by her status as a mixed martial arts practitioner and Muay Thai boxer. Isabelle is also quite vocal about social issues that she feels strongly about, including women’s rights. A hard worker at heart, Isabelle also takes time to enjoy the fun aspects of life, especially any precious moments she can have while petting a cute kitten.

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