Jack and Justine: Love Island Games Winners are Still Together

Thanks to Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games,’ fans of the ‘Love Island‘ franchise get to see many of their favorites give love another chance. As such, it is hardly surprising that the public has been avidly following what some of the couples from the show have been up to these days. One of the most beloved couples from the show is the undeniably lovable duo of Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba. The two started off their journey together in a manner we could not help but sigh over, and their continued chemistry has since allowed them to not only retain the interest of people but also bag the final victory. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many have been curious about whether or not this couple is still going strong.

Jack and Justine’s Love Island Games Journey

There are few fans of the ‘Love Island’ franchise who are not aware of Justine Ndiba winning ‘Love Island USA‘ season 2. However, following her breakup with Caleb Corprew, she decided to enter the international spinoff series, ‘Love Island Games,’ in order to give love another chance. Meanwhile, ‘Love Island UK’ season 4 contestant Jack Fowler also entered the show for the same purpose. From their very day on the show, the two had set their sights on each other.

Hence, when the time came for Justine to choose her very first partner, she made the decision to pair up with Jack. This marked the start of a beautiful relationship between the two that started to dominate the competition at large. From viewers at home to their own fellow cast mates, almost everyone could see just how easily the two had started to fall for each other. Every small and big gesture made by the two would easily make their fans and friends root for them even more. At a certain point, Justine even felt overwhelmed by the kind of bond she had been able to form with Jack and broke down, remembering her past hurts.

That is not to say that Jack and Justine did not have their own fair share of adversities. While there were many new entrants in the villa who seemed interested in one or the other, the two only had eyes on each other. However, following a couple of reshuffling by Callum Hole and Liberty Poole, Jack found himself trying to fight for his place in the villa in order to stay by Justine’s side. In order to remain in the competition, he had to fight against Mike Boateng, who had earlier expressed interest in Justine.

Determined to remain by Justine’s side, Jack gave his best and won the duel, allowing him to stay in the competition. During the next recoupling ceremony, he made the easy choice of going back to Justine, pouring his heart out to state just why he wanted to be by her side only. Now stronger than ever, Jack and Justine became one of the top couples in the competition, with almost everyone being sure that they would not allow themselves to be separated.

Soon enough, Jack and Justine started to dominate the competition. The couple went on to play a crucial role in the elimination of Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Imani Wheeler, something that Ray was far from happy about, given his friendship with Justine. Then came the time for the remaining five couples to fight for their spot in the semi-finals through a challenge. Since Jack and Justine ended up winning the presented challenge, they actually secured themselves a direct spot in the finale.

It certainly seemed like a blessing that Jack and Justine were safe from the final rounds of elimination when it was revealed that the semi-finalists were to be chosen based on a vote by the evicted cast members. Once the finals came around, Jack and Justine were ready to give it their all in order to secure the victory. Thanks to their hard work, determination, and chemistry, the two were able to defeat their competition when needed and became the first-ever winners of ‘Love Island Games.’

However, the twists were far from over for the winning duo. When it came to the prize money, all the islanders were asked to choose the person they thought should get the money, with a majority supporting Justine. The lady in question stated that she was more than happy to split the money with her partner, stating that her connection was a real one and that they both deserved it, allowing them both to take home $50 thousand each.

Jack and Justine Are Happy to be With Each Other

Fans of Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba get ready to celebrate because it seems like this reality TV couple is indeed still together. On more than one occasion, the two have been spotted together in pictures, confirming that they continue to enjoy each other’s company as much as they used to in the show. Most of the pictures and videos involving Jack and Justine have been shared by the latter’s best friend from the ‘Love Island’ franchise, Cely Vazquez.

In fact, it seems like Jack is presently in Los Angeles, California, where Justine lives. The latter has shared multiple stories featuring her partner, and the two recently attended The Kia Forum music festival along with Cely. The couple has also been more than open to sharing their thoughts on the events that happened in the show, including the duel between Jack and Mike Boateng. Their video about the latter is actually available on Justine’s YouTube channel. Given the sheer joy that both Jack and Justine seem to have in each other’s company, it is hardly a stretch to believe that the two are still together and might just be in it for the long haul.

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