Jacob Romero Gibson From One Piece: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Jacob Romero Gibson/Instagram

Embarking on adventures abound, Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ is a fantasy adventure series that traces the unencumbered stealth and spirit of an unlikely group. The story revolves around the Straw Hat Pirates, a unique group of individuals who decide to undertake an adventurous journey and sail across dangerous oceans to locate a fabled treasure known as One Piece. Based on the eponymous 1997 Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda, this live-action series maps the fearless travels of a group with eclectic skills. Amongst them is Usopp, the skilled sniper, who Jacob Romero Gibson portrays. Fans have thus grown curious about the actor who embodies the flawless marksmanship of this character. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jacob Romero Gibson’s Age and Background

Jacob was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and his multi-ethnic background greatly influenced his early years. The 27-year-old’s childhood was full of exciting experiences. Having been raised between Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California, he received exposure to several things. Movies and entertainment were among them, and they became one of the primary highlights of his youth. In fact, he remained enthralled by various forms of such creative forms throughout his early years. Ultimately, after completing his education, Jacob enrolled himself at the California Institute of Arts. Here, he was able to understand the depth of his skills and refine them to the best of his abilities.

Jacob Romero Gibson’s Profession

Equipped with a passion for exploring and the ability to skillfully express, partly owing to his degree in Acting/Scene Analysis, Jacob decided to take a chance at acting. In addition to auditioning for significant roles, he appeared in several short films. Some of these from earlier in his career include ‘#Prayfor,’ ‘The Mosaic,’ and ‘Under Water: Deep Dive.’ Ultimately, Jacob’s essaying of distinct roles in such productions became the stepping stone for his illustrious performances that later rolled around.

Over time, Jacob was able to secure roles in a few television series as well. He briefly appeared on shows like, ‘The Resident,’ ‘All Rise,’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ The actor then landed a major feat when he got the role of AJ Delajae in the television original ‘Greenleaf’ (2019-2020). The short film ‘Black Prom’ also became a memorable part of his career.

Jacob has also played a pivotal role in ‘The Carolyn Bryant Project,’ a stage show created by Nataki Garrett and Andrea LeBlanc that highlights the story of Carolyn Bryant, a nurse and daughter of a plantation manager. It draws light on the lies beneath the exchange between Carolyn and Emmett Till in Mississippi in 1955. Jacob accrued wide acclaim for his portrayal of Emmett, an African-American boy who was abducted and lynched for purportedly offending a white woman.


Then, Jacob secured a role in the live-action Netflix series’ One Piece’ as Usopp. In addition to practicing his marksmanship rigorously, he imbibed the storyline’s intricacies to do justice to the character. Having shot the series during COVID-19 in South Africa, the actor faced several challenges. Nevertheless, he remained committed to delivering to the best of his abilities. Naturally, the result of his hard work and commitment continues to earn Jacob renown far and wide. In addition to succeeding as an actor and entertainer, Jacob is also a blossoming musician and has even released snippets of his performances and demos on social media.

Is Jacob Romero Gibson Dating Anyone?

With a flourishing career, Jacob is consistently engorged with work commitments and engagements. As a creative artist, the actor as well as musician remains busy enhancing his abilities and producing new work. Naturally, a hectic schedule leaves him with little time to date. Moreover, the absence of a likely partner on social media leads us to believe that Jacob is currently single. Nevertheless, he continues to expand his creative pursuits. In addition to displaying his acumen in front of the cameras, Jacob uses social media to signify several vital things.

The actor believes in practicing gratitude and compassion. Aside from achieving professional feats and overcoming personal dilemmas, Jacob also believes in amassing mental peace. To this end, he reflects inward constantly. Not only this, he uses his platform to propagate similar beliefs. When the actor is not working on some new projects, he likes to unwind and spend time with his friends. Like his character in ‘One Piece,’ Jacob has an adventurous spirit too. The entertainment personality regularly jets off to new places to explore the bounty of nature. So, even though the star is currently single, it is apparent that several professional and personal milestones await him in the future!

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