Jake and Julie: Are The Trust Contestants Together?

While Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ is mostly about the game of trust and greed played between the contestants, it does not stop them from forming some highly fascinating connections. Consider the bond that started to grow between Jacob “Jake” Chocholous and Julie Theis in season 1 of the show. While few expected such a dynamic to blossom in a show where trusting anyone seemed like a challenging task, the viewers did enjoy every single second of it. However, it has also led many to wonder about just what is up between these two.

Jake and Julie’s The Trust Journey

Jake Chocholous and Julie Theis were among the 11 contestants who entered season 1 of the Netflix show and earned a claim over a share of an impressive $250,000. As a part of the social experiment, all the cast members had to go through various trust-based games and ceremonies to see just who would be standing at the end of it. Both Jake and Julie emerged as strong players and were able to form strong connections with contestants of their respective genders.

However, Jake and Julie also found themselves gravitating towards each other. The attraction between them soon blossomed into meaningful conversations that the world could not help but listen to with deep interest. Additionally, their connection also affected how the two played the game and reacted to certain situations. The first bit of tension that emerged between Jake and Juli was during the ranking task when Jake claimed that he was more intelligent than Julie.

Highly offended by Jake’s insistence that he was more intelligent and educationally qualified than her, Julie had a complete mind of holding on to her grudge. However, not long after the task, she and Jake were able to have a conversation and sort everything out. However, Jake’s actions also offended Jake Patterson, who was far from placated by Julie’s platitudes about Jake’s character. In fact, it seemed all but certain that Jay might vote to evict Jake.

Hence, during the second trust ceremony, Julie decided to vote for Simone Stewart. In her mind, this decision would hopefully tie up Jay’s perceived vote against Jake without harming her alliance with Jay. However, Jay herself had voted for Simone, leading to the latter’s elimination. This development devastated Julie, who could not help but feel immensely guilty that she may have sent Simone home for no reason.

Though Jake had initially been on a warpath against the person who may have contributed to Simone’s elimination, Julie’s confession to him changed his mind as he could not help but appreciate her concerns. It seemed like everything might be getting better again for Jake and Julie, but there was yet another twist to come. When host Brooke Baldwin asked the contestants to pick the person they felt the closest to, Jay actually chose Brian Firebaugh‘s name, something that upset Julie very much, who had hoped that he would pick her name.

The ups and downs in Jake and Julie’s connection were far from over. Julie was further upset when Jake rarely spoke her name during the modified game of poker, which made her wonder how much he cared about her. They were once again faced with a tough situation when Julie confessed that she had taken an offer of $15,000, and Jake was upset that she had not told him about it sooner. However, the two were able to reconcile and even shared their first kiss, a development that both seemed to enjoy, much to the joy of their fans. In the end, both of them were among the final five who shared the final trust amount.

Jake and Julie Have Yet to Share an Update

Given their apparent on-screen chemistry, the world has been dying to know if the connection between Jake Chocholous and Julie Theis has resulted in a romantic relationship. However, the two reality TV stars have yet to share an update about the same. In fact, they have remained tight-lipped about their love life in general, leaving the world wondering just what the two might be up to. If nothing else, though, we are at least optimistic that  Jake and Julie remain on amicable terms.

In fact, Jake and Julie still follow each other on social media, though their online interactions are not very high in number. This might be an indication of either a simple cordial relationship between the two or a desire to keep things close to their chests as of writing. Whatever the case may be, the fans remain excited to see what the two will do next in life. Whether or not the two are in a relationship, their on-screen chemistry is something that continues to entertain the fans without a doubt.

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