Jake Lawless: OVW Wrestler is Focusing on Family Life in Tennessee Today

Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers‘ is a captivating show, especially for fans of professional wrestling, as it follows various athletes affiliated with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Among the various heart-touching stories told in the reality series, there is also the tale of Jacob Law, who appears as Jake Lawless whenever he is in the ring. Given the various ups and downs he had to navigate during the production of season 1, it is not surprising that people are eager to know more about Jake’s current whereabouts, and we are here to explore the same!

Who is Jake Lawless?

A professional wrestler, Jake Lawless hails from Rolfe, Iowa. In the Netflix show, it is shared how, about five years before the production of season 1, he and his partner Heather Hamilton became pregnant with twins. However, at their 20-week ultrasound checkup, they found out that their unborn son had Anencephaly, a birth defect in which parts of an infant’s brain and skull are not formed at the time of its birth.

The chances of survival of an infant diagnosed with Anencephaly are minimal, and, unfortunately, Jake’s son did not make it. Given his desire to become a father to a little boy, the wrestler seemingly turned to drugs to numb his pain while venting his frustrations through his work as a professional wrestler. However, things changed when, during OVW’s summer tour of 2022, he was caught by a police officer snorting Lortab in his car.

Jake was arrested and was then bonded out by Maria James, though the process did not cost them any money. However, given the new co-owner Matt Jones‘ emphasis on maintaining the reputation of OVW, it was evident that Jake would likely not be allowed back as a member of the company. This prompted Jake to start his sobering process, as he decided to stop consuming. As for his court proceedings regarding his arrest, Jake was given a three-year diverted sentence with unsupervised probation, $200 dollars of court costs, and a warning to be on his best behavior.

Having been sober for over 50 days, Jake ended up visiting OVW and meeting Allen Ray Sarven/Al Snow. Though he seemed more than willing to enter the area at a moment’s notice, he was told by the OVW CEO that he should take some time and show that he was indeed serious about his sobriety, indicating that there was indeed a chance that he might be able to come back to the company, though he will have to “earn his way back.” While at OVW, Jake had been able to claim the title of OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Championship on April 21, 2022, by defeating Omar Amir, but then had to give it up on June 25, 2022, owing to the personal turmoil in his life.

Where is Jake Lawless Now?

As of writing, Jake does seem to be doing well, though he is not very active on social media. When not working, it seems like he makes yard toys and often attaches them to motors. He did address his internet inactivity in an Instagram post in November 2022, stating, “I may be a little quiet on social media but never think I’m taking time off…. I GOT 6 JOBS, I DON’T GET TIRED! These were just a few of the most recent orders! Sunrise & Sunset Designs.”

Indeed, it seems like Jake’s business is booming, though he had not mentioned any possible return to the world of wrestling. That said, it does seem like his relationship with Heather Hamilton continues to thrive. The two got together on February 26, 2016, and are parents to a beautiful girl. They are seemingly based in Lebanon, Tennessee, and seem to be living their best life. We wish AJke and his loved ones the best and hope to see him succeed in the future.

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