Are Jamie and Trevor From Listen to Your Heart Still Together?

Jamie Gabrielle and Trevor Holmes

The debut season of ‘Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ is packed with addictive drama and phenomenal performances, courtesy of the musically talented contestants with interesting personalities. It kept the audiences hooked to their screens by recreating the essence of its predecessor. And Jamie Gabrielle and Trevor Holmes have been labeled as the most controversial couple on the show.

These two are to be thanked for providing most of the drama throughout the season, but that doesn’t mean the audience doesn’t like the pair. The couple has hordes of loyal fans who must be wondering: Are Jamie and Trevor still together? Where are they now? Well, we have got you covered. Keep reading!

Jamie and Trevor Listen to Your Heart Journey

Jamie and Trevor’s relationship had a shaky start as Jamie was stuck in a love triangle between Ryan and Trevor. Jamie began flirting with Ryan Neal, the moment he entered the Hummingbird Nest Ranch. But after Trevor’s entry, Jamie wasn’t so sure about Ryan. So our confused country-queen decided to test her bonding with both the lads. She went on a date with Ryan at the Capitol Records, where they even kissed, but Jamie couldn’t feel a strong connection with him. Later, while hanging out in the hot-tub with Trevor, Jamie felt a spark between her and the ocean-eyed boy, and the two shared a passionate kiss. The verdict was out: Trevor won! She picked him over our bespectacled chocolate boy, and their story began.

They had only been on their first date at a beach when Natascha arrived in the house, guns-a-blazing and straightaway accuses Trevor of cheating on his ex, who happens to be Nat’s close friend. This didn’t sit well with Jamie, who made it very clear to Trevor that she is scared of having her heart broken again after being cheated on by all of her exes. Trevor sits down with Nat and admits to cheating “emotionally” and not “physically,” like it even means something. He explains it to Jamie, who buys it and the two kiss and makeup.

Before we proceed further, know that Trevor is the same guy Katy Perry flirted with on American Idol. Also, he has a long history of cheating that has been exposed by many women on social media. The couple’s relationship progressed without further hindrances, and they kept giving one powerful performance after another. Jamie even confessed her feelings for Trevor on a date at an ice-skating arena. Luckily for her, Trevor admitted to falling in love with her too.

Are Jamie and Trevor Still Together?

Well, the two are sending out mixed signals concerning their relationship on their respective social media profiles. Here’s a picture of Trevor and Jamie that he posted on his account. In the caption, he shared that he is proud of Jamie for overcoming stage fright and gaining the confidence to rock the stage.

This is the only candid picture of the couple on Trevor’s profile. I don’t think it implicates anything more than two friends chilling out and having fun.

Trevor shared another picture wherein he thanks the fans for all the love and support, but he did write how proud he is of their journey on the show.

Jamie posted a similar one on her account but with absolutely no mention of Trevor. Check it out!

However, she did post a memory on Instagram, stating how their ice-skating date was one of those “movie magic moments” that she will cherish forever. Um, okay.

If you still have doubts, we’re sorry to break it to you that all signs point to the couple not being together anymore. Jamie is back in her hometown, Nashville, Tenessee and is super busy promoting the release of her debut single ‘Go to Your Head.’

Meanwhile, Trevor is in California, where he is building a camper with his homies.

When he is not doing that, he likes to spend his time with the love of his life, his dog Koda.

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