Are Jax and Brittany From Vanderpump Rules Still Together?

Vanderpump Rules‘ on BravoTV is an American reality show which is a spinoff of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ The focus in on Lisa Vanderpump and the staff at SUR, her restaurant in West Hollywood, California. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have drawn quite a bit of attention to them on the show, with their rocky relationship, culminating in a quick marriage. So, is the couple still together?

Jax and Brittany’s Vanderpump Rules Journey:

Jax and Brittany’s relationship has been marked with Jax’s infidelity. In 2017, Jax cheated on Brittany, his then-girlfriend, with Faith Stowers. Although she forgave him and the couple moved on, Brittany continues finding it hard to forget the act. Moreover, Jax appeared distant sometime after the couple tied the knot in 2019.

At one time when he told her he was going to the gym, Brittany had her doubts because the last time Jax had cheated on her, he disappeared from the house for long times as well. His actions brought back some bad memories and the couple’s marriage was not helped by Jax’s admission that though he had a beautiful wife and a wonderful life, he was not happy.

While many wondered if the marriage would be short-lived, Jax and Brittany seem to have worked past their problems, and in an interview with ET, the couple even joked about the possibility of a quarantine baby. Here’s a picture of their wedding where Jax’s caption shows he’s very much in love.

Are Jax and Brittany Still Together?

Yes, Jax and Brittany are still together, but the couple has been facing problems from several quarters very recently. Firstly, Lance Bass has distanced himself from Jax, due to his past racist remarks. He also stated that Jax will be stepping down from Just Add X, the at-home cocktail mixers business the two started in May 2020. However, Jax’s representatives have noted that the reality star will continue to be on board, in the new venture.

Faith Stowers also called out Brittany, saying that she had made a racist remark during one of her arguments, but Brittany rebuked this, saying that she does not have a racist bone in her body. Whatever be the couple’s stance, they are facing flak and losing endorsements. DIFF Eyewear has cut ties with Brittany and Jax. Adding to the troubled times is the fact that Brittany’s mother, Sherri Cartwright, is in the ICU.

The reality star’s rep spoke to People, saying, “Brittany’s mother is currently in the ICU due to serious complications from bladder surgery. Brittany has been beside herself and asking for prayers. She is planning to go to Kentucky to be by her mother’s bedside next week – it’s been complicated having visitors at the hospital due to COVID-19 which has been very difficult for Brittany and her family.” Check out how close Brittany is with her mother, as is evidenced in this post.

While Jax and Brittany might both have been accused of racism, the former is supportive of the galvanized Black Lives Matter movement in the US, following the demise of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Brittany seems to support the cause on social media as well.

The latest reports suggest that Jax has been keeping a low profile and was spotted wearing a dark hoodie as he stepped out for a moment to take out the trash. One might hope that in light of the recent furor about racist remarks, people, especially television stars are more responsible about what they say.

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