Jeff Lowe Net Worth

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King‘ might be Joe Exotic’s story, but the docuseries has created immense interest in all big cat owners. One of them is obviously, Jeff Lowe, who is the current owner of The Greater Wynnewood Animal Park. While many have bayed for Jeff’s blood, in relation to Joe Exotic’s conviction, the zoo owner has maintained that he assisted the FBI in taking down Joe.

A lot of these big cat owners have come to the limelight, and they all seem to be larger than life. In fact, when Jeff enters Joe’s life, it is in the role of a savior, who might rescue him from financial ruin. It appears that Jeff has enough financial clout to take on Carole Baskin’s deep pockets. Naturally, this might make you wonder about Jeff’s net worth. We have got you covered in that regard.

How Did Jeff Lowe Make His Money?

Jeff’s love for big cats is inexorably tied to his family fortune. His grandfather founded the Robbin’s Brothers Circus in 1928, and Jeff has been around big cats since he was a toddler. You can check out a post about Jeff’s family history below.

Notably, Jeff has owned pet businesses in Colorado and Las Vegas. He’s also had a chain of discount retail stores. Eventually, Jeff went on to manage Evel and Robbie Knievel, the stuntmen. Evel’s net worth was $3 million, at the time of his demise, and Robbie is currently estimated at $10 million. Since Jeff was their manager and entitled to a cut of the profits, this has helped him grow his fortune. According to the zoo’s site, Jeff has also worked with Prince, the famous musician, apart from other known faces.

Once Jeff bought the zoo from Joe, he went about rebranding it. Since then, the zoo’s income has augmented Jeff’s wealth. From the zoo’s site, it is evident that basic admission costs $15, but there are special packages like sloth encounters and private playtime, which costs $50 per person. The exotic animal tour is $55 per head, and the deluxe private playtime runs to $80 per person. However, the real money comes in from the VIP Behind the Scenes tour, which is $175 per person.

Jeff Lowe Net Worth in 2020:

While Jeff’s exact net worth in 2020 remains unclear, a 2016 report shows that he was a multimillionaire then. One can only expect his wealth to have grown over the years. By conservative estimates, his net worth could be anywhere between $5 million to $10 million.

After all, Jeff’s zoo remains open even during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the lockdown advisories because the zoo’s stance is that the rural setting will allow social distancing, while visitors enjoy life outdoors. Jeff is currently rich enough to close down this zoo and open a new facility, called The Oklahoma Zoo, not to be confused with the Oklahoma City Zoo.

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