Jens Soering’s Family Has Now Distanced Themselves From Him

When Nancy and Derek Haysom were found heinously slain to death inside their own home on April 3, 1985, it honestly left not only their loved ones but also the entire world shaken to its core. That’s because, as carefully chronicled in Netflix’s ‘Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom,’ their assailants were none other than their own daughter, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend, Jens Soering. While the former is actually Canadian-American with British maternal roots, the latter hailed from a big German diplomat household — so now, let’s just find out more about his family, shall we?

Who is Jens Soering’s Family?

Although born on August 1, 1966, in Bangkok, Thailand, as the elder of two to Federal Republic of Germany’s Vice Counsel Klaus Soring and his wife, Jens spent most of his youth in the United States. After all, the family had relocated to Georgia around 1977, following which his focus on studies became such that he ended up enrolling at the University of Virginia in 1984 with two scholarship programs. Yet, the one aspect he could never really hide despite still having an air of ego/pride over being a diplomat’s son was his dislike towards both his parents as well as his younger brother Kai Soering.

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According to Jens’ narrative, he thought his father never lived up to his full potential since he was way “too honest” in his diplomatic dealings, only to be rather controlling and have a temper at home. He even described this 1936-born German representative as a tense workaholic, leaving him unable to communicate or have patience with his brood — the patriarch believed he was always right. As for his mother, Jens once indicated she had a spontaneous soul as she’d fled home at 17, just to somehow end up tying the knot with Klaus in 1958 at 23 before gradually finding solace in alcohol.

Jens actually claimed to love his parents, yet added that he disliked his father’s authoritarian characteristics as well as his mother’s alcoholism, which made it clear he did resent them a little. Coming to his bond with Kai, he once asserted he thought his brother to have a tendency for violence owing to his alleged fascination with wrestling, mercenary journals, plus mixed martial arts. Yet, in the end, he was the one to have been convicted on two counts of first-degree murder concerning the 1985 case, for which he was handed life terms in 1990 in front of his father and brother.

Where is Jens Soering’s Family Now?

As per official records, both Klaus and Kai did attend a majority of Jens’ court proceedings to offer their support, yet they gradually began pulling back once a jury found him undeniably guilty for good. While the latter suddenly “abandoned” him, the former did so slowly by refusing to fund his claims of innocence/legal appeals a few years down the line — none of them made a difference anyway. So, by the time Jens was released on parole in November 2019, his mother had sadly passed away, whereas he was estranged from both his father and his brother, who had no intention of reconnecting.

The fact Jens had testified he’d initially confessed to the double homicide of Nancy and Derek because he believed he could take advantage of Klaus’ diplomat status hadn’t helped their situation either. “Because of his position as a diplomat,” he’d said, “I myself had a blue diplomatic passport with a US diplomatic visa inside. So what I expected to happen to me [following my confession] is that I’d be sent back to Germany.” But he was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted instead.

Coming to Klaus and Kai’s current standing, from what we can tell, while it’s unclear precisely where the 87-year-old is today, his younger son is primarily based in the wonderous city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, these days. As for his profession, today, this University of Michigan Economics graduate turned University of Bonn Lawyer proudly serves as a Partner at a real estate company named Dogerec Capital SL — a post he has maintained since 2019.

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