Justin Assada: Surviving Paradise Contestant is Now a Media Personality

Traversing the unexpected, Justin Assada relentlessly encounters a test of spirit and friendship in Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise.’ The survival series features twelve contestants as they compete to gain the top spot and walk away with a life-changing cash prize. With tactics and judicious use of gameplay, the participants try to stir the competition at every junction. As one of the formidable competitors in season 1, Justin’s consistent reliance and ability to stand up for his allies has made fans more curious about him. So, if you’re also wondering about his latest whereabouts, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Justin Assada’s Surviving Paradise Journey

Ecstatic to gain memories of a lifetime, Justin entered the luxurious villa surrounded by scenic wilderness in ‘Surviving Paradise.’ As the reality and secrets of the competition were unveiled, it didn’t take long for Justin to create a seemingly tight-knit bond with Aaron and Tabitha. The three formed the TAJ alliance and decided to stick by each other throughout the competition. In tune with the group’s plan, Justin voted for Tabitha’s entry into the villa during the first and second shuffle.

However, when their goal to get Tabitha inside the villa was finally realized, he found himself blindsided. After Tabitha did not come to his or Aaron’s aid during the next swap and elimination round, Justin realized he had to pursue other options. Ultimately, he began forging a bond with other members of the camp and grew closer to Sarah Kate, too.

Much to his surprise, Sarah heartbreakingly gave up her spot in the competition to ensure that Justin could continue his journey. Finally, a major reshuffle allowed Justin to head into the luxurious villa and enjoy it for its glorious amenities. Here, he was quickly alerted about Tabitha’s true aspirations. After Alex revealed that Tabitha had openly stated that they wouldn’t mind eliminating Justin, the latter quickly decided to no longer rely on them and employ his strategy.

Moving forward, he and Aaron formed an unbreakable bond that continued till the end of the competition. In a surprise elimination before the finale, Justin failed to get into the villa and was thus subjected to an elimination blitz. Ultimately, Kelso chose Justin to be ousted from the race as he was a formidable competitor with a high chance of winning. In the final episode, he managed to sit down with Tabitha and Aaron, where Tabitha clarified that they didn’t actually mean to eliminate him but used that statement as a ploy to fool others. However, Justin reserved his faith in Alex and didn’t accept Tabitha’s version of the story, leading team TAJ to be worse than when they started.

Where is Justin Assada Now?

Having displayed a keen sense of character and respect for his fellow cast members, Justin managed to showcase his abilities as a major contender consistently. Since the show’s filming, the television personality has been climbing the ladder of success and working on other projects. Justin used to work a 9-5 job previously and was focused on implementing changes to further his career trajectory. However, since the show, he has explored other avenues of success, too. To star in Netflix’s premiering season of ‘Surviving Paradise,’ Justin quit his job and plunged into reality television completely. Having made his debut in the series, he now looks forward to continuing his path as a media personality and entertainer.

He has been candid about the great experience he had filming the Netflix series. Despite losing more than 20 pounds during the series, he continues to look forward to new opportunities. He has now kickstarted his journey as a media personality and has been looking forward to solidifying his position in the industry. Having made his mark on Netflix, Justin has since gained a significant following on social media. Besides sharing the latest updates of his life with his fans, he has also shared snippets of his modeling career online. To celebrate his debut appearance in entertainment, he even arranged a watch party on the show’s release date.

In the past, Justin had even worked with Banana Republic. He is a food and music enthusiast and doesn’t shy away from sharing his love for the two online. Fans and readers can head to his Instagram account and even find his Spotify Playlists. Besides this, he is also involved in philanthropy. He encourages people to Donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, an organization committed to celebrating and helping young people realize their potential and become leaders of tomorrow. So, even though Justin failed to walk away with the top spot, it is apparent that the adventurer has yet to achieve new milestones in his career and personal life.

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