Karen and Italo From Love is Blind Brazil Are No Longer Together

If there is one thing Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Brazil‘ is known for, it is its unpredictable nature when it comes to the love stories of the cast members. Consider season 3’s Karen Bacic and Italo Antonelli, whose bond was certainly strong but did not go the way one might have expected. However, after many ups and downs and a wedding in between, the two were able to formally start a relationship. However, the more recent developments in the lives of the two reality TV stars have the world wondering about their current relationship status.

Karen Bacic and Italo Antonelli’s Love is Blind Brazil Journey

Entering the pods, both Karen Bacic and Italo Antonelli were delighted when they came across each other. The former’s paternal Croatian heritage and the latter’s father being from Italy allowed the two to connect as they found many similarities in the way that they grew up. As time progressed, the two continued to grow closer, but there was yet another man who held Karen’s interest at the time. Indeed, she remained hesitant to cut off her connection with Valmir Reis, feeling that there might be some potential there.

Italo himself was not happy that Valmir was pursuing a connection with Karen, feeling that he might be simply trying to get engaged following his rejection from Maria Carolina Caporusso. While he did confront Valmir about it, both men agreed that the final choice should be left to Karen. Unfortunately for Italo, it was Valmir whom she chose to propose, something that seemingly broke Italo’s heart, but he remained amicable about the situation in order to respect Karen’s choice.

However, Karen and Valmir’s lives after the pods were far from easy. The two tried to make their relationship work in order to make it to the altar but encountered many problems. The fact that Italo had started to follow Karen on social media and messaged her “Ciao” added fuel to the fire between the now-engaged couple. It wasn’t until the female cast members of the ‘Love is Blind‘ spinoff crashed the men’s event just before the wedding that Karen and Italo met each other for the first time face-to-face, though Valmir seemingly remained calm about the situation.

In fact, Karen and Valmir would go on to marry each other during the upcoming wedding ceremony in October 2022, which surprised many. However, after two weeks, the couple decided to call it quits, with Karen later revealing during the reunion that Valmir had asked her to move out of his apartment only three days after she had moved in. Not long after this, Karen and Italo decided to give their connection a chance once more, starting as casual dating but leading to a live proposal from Italo during the reunion episode of the show’s third season.

Karen Bacic and Italo Antonelli Separated Amidst Cheating Allegations

While one might have thought that Karen Bacic would have been able to enjoy her engagement with Italo Antonelli for at least some time, things unfortunately did not turn out so. She revealed in ‘Love Is Blind Brazil: After the Altar’ that almost every cast member started to get alerts of a certain piece of news as soon as the live reunion ended. The news was regarding some leaked pictures of Italo kissing another woman, with claims that he had been cheating on Karen.

Karen and her co-star Bianca Sessa admitted that they had tried to defend Italo initially by either believing that the pictures might be from the past or the claims were being made by those who did not support the couple. However, as the evidence continued to mount against Italo, Karen apparently decided to call it quits only two days after the live reunion aired. She also seemed hurt by Italo’s claims that his relationship with Karen was more casual than people might have realized.

Even during ‘Love Is Blind Brazil: After the Altar,’ Italo remained unapologetic for most of his actions, claiming that Karen was exaggerating their exclusiveness. He also accused Valmir Reis, Alisson Hentges (season 2), and Rodrigo Vaisemberg (season 1) of purposefully leaking photos of him kissing others. Valmir himself did not seem apologetic about the situation, claiming that after the words that were said to him by Italo, he only felt it right that his actions became public.

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