Karolina: The Love is Blind Sweden Contestant Now Lives in Stockholm

Image Credit: Johan Paulin/Netflix

If there is one reality show that you cannot miss out on, it is Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige.’ The ‘Love is Blind‘ spinoff has captivated people across the world thanks to its highly intriguing set of cast members whose reactions to this unique social experiment have touched many hearts. Consider season 1’s Karolina, who may not have had the best luck when it came to finding her perfect match in the show, but she did try to give the process her best shot. Given her on-screen strength, it is hardly a wonder that the world has become curious about her current whereabouts.

Karolina’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

For many of its participants, ‘Love is Blind: Sweden’ seems like a chance where they can form an emotional connection without being overly concerned about the physical appearance of the person in front of them. While the cast members certainly have a lot of options to choose from, that does not mean that they do not find themselves stuck in a situation involving more than one potential option. In Karolina’s case, this certainly impacted how she had envisioned her on-screen journey.

Not long after she started meeting her potential partners in the pods, Karolina found herself especially gravitating towards Lucas. The connection between them was something she could not help but cherish as she often gushed about how happy she felt during and after her dates with him. However, she was also not unaware of the fact that the man she had pinned her hopes on was also seeing Emilia. While she tried not to let this bother her, things quickly took a turn she had not anticipated.

While sitting in the common area for female cast members, Karolina saw Emilia walk in from her date with Lucas. She gushed to everyone how he had given her a compass necklace that he himself had once owned. Feeling unsure about what the development meant, she decided that perhaps it was time to be a bit more open with Lucas. As such, she decided to send him a handwritten letter on their next date that highlighted just how much he meant to her.

Though Lucas was undoubtedly moved by Karolina’s words, it seemed like he had already made his choice. He confessed to Karolina that he found his connection with Emilia to be a bit more open and stronger while he felt like they were still waiting to see their bond grow to a higher level. Karolina claimed that Lucas had also not been open with her, to which he claimed that he had indeed opened up, but it was with Emilia. Heartbroken about the end of their connection, Karolina also could not help but feel bitter that Lucas did not reciprocate her thoughtful gift through one of his own.

Following Lucas and Emilia’s engagement and trip to Cyprus, Karolina did get a chance to meet the person she had come to like face to face. Lucas himself confessed that when it came to looks, Karolina is certainly someone he would have gone for. The two had a conversation where Lucas claimed that he never actually broke up with Karolina, to which she stated that his giving Emilia the necklace felt like an obvious sign to her about where his interests lay.

Where is Karolina Now?

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Karolina seems to be doing quite well in life. While the Netflix social experiment may not have worked for her in the way she had expected, it did allow her to gain much recognition from people across the world. Presently, the reality TV star works as a Payroll Controller. As for her romantic status, it does not seem like she is in a relationship at present. If Karolina does have a partner, she has chosen to keep the development under wraps.

Having appeared on the Netflix show at the age of 32, Karolina enjoys going out and celebrating life. From parties at night to dressing up for fun events, she takes every chance to have fun and ensures that she does not miss out on the next adventure that life brings her way. The reality TV star also enjoys sunsets as well as working out in the gym, the latter in order to maintain her physique.

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