Kill Me If You Dare: Where Was the Netflix Movie Filmed?

‘Kill Me If You Dare,’ directed by Filip Zylber, is a Polish dark comedy film that sees a husband and wife win a one million zloty lottery, following which they grow increasingly suspicious of one another, harboring deadly intentions. Natalia and Piotr are a happily married couple who score big at a lottery. However, their elated celebrations are shortlived as a series of hilarious mishaps begins to make each one believe that the other is planning their demise. With their best friends fanning the flames of their theories, the once-happy pair becomes embroiled in a hysterical conflict.

The situation goes further downhill when the two go on vacation in the mountains, with both sides expecting the other to make their move for the fortune. Within this darkly comedic tale, greed and betrayal take center stage, inviting us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and intrigue. As we follow the couple from the hustle and bustle of the city to the stunning natural beauty of their holiday retreat, questions arise regarding the film’s shooting sites that elegantly frame its narrative.

Kill Me If You Dare Shooting Locations

‘Kill Me If You Dare’ was filmed in and around Warsaw, Poland. Shooting was likely carried out in late 2022. For scenes of the vacation, the film crew traveled outside of Warsaw to a mountainous region in the country. The cast and crew appeared to have been quite occupied during the filming process, as actress Agnieszka Wiedlocha took to social media to share her experience of working for a staggering fourteen hours straight. Let us take a closer look at the filming sites seen in the movie.

Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital city of Warsaw serves as a major filming location for ‘Kill Me If You Dare,’ offering a vibrant and dynamic setting for the unfolding drama. From its historic streets and bustling squares to its modern skyline and architectural wonders, Warsaw’s diverse landscapes provide a visually captivating backdrop for the characters’ escalating paranoia and mistrust. In a few cinematic landscape shots, we are treated to a view of the city’s skyline. In such scenes, we can spot the Palace of Culture and Science, the Warsaw Spire, and the Warsaw Trade Tower among other landmarks. The expansive highways circuiting the city are also featured in a few shots.

With its diverse urban landscapes, Warsaw presents filmmakers with an alluring plethora of settings to base their narratives in. From the cobblestone streets of the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the sleek skyscrapers of the modern city center, Warsaw’s contrasting backdrops add depth and gravity to the scenes filmed there. Some films and shows shot in the city include, ‘Sexify,’ ‘Three Colors: White,’ ‘In for a Murder,’ and ‘Squared Love.’

Other Locations in Poland

As the story progresses, the action shifts to the tranquil mountainous region outside of Warsaw, where the couple seeks refuge from their mounting suspicions. Traveling by car along winding mountainous roads, the couple arrives at an isolated cottage in the woods, in a picturesque town banking a wide river. Filmed against the backdrop of lush forests, towering peaks, and winding mountain roads, these scenic vistas add an element of isolation and vulnerability to the characters’ predicament, heightening the tension and suspense of the narrative.

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