Killer in the Guest House: Cast and Filming Details

Renters can be troublesome. Firstly, you end up sharing your house, which is your private space. Secondly, a lot of them are not the best people to have around. Lifetime’s latest thriller ‘Killer in the Guest House’ takes it to a new level, altogether. Gina, a struggling photographer, is forced to rent out her guest house for financial assistance. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

The premise follows Gina, a fashion photographer. Owning a property is not easy, and Gina struggles in her field, while she has to pay the mortgage through her teeth. To ease the financial burden, she rents the guest house to Mark, a hunky pilot. Things seem to be going great until Mark turns out to be a dangerous con-man, and Gina’s life is threatened. ‘Killer in the Guest House’ makes excellent use of the setting to weave an intimidating tale, that makes us acutely feel the threat towards Gina. Curious to know where it has been filmed? We have you covered, besides walking you through the cast.

Killer in the Guest House Filming Locations:

‘Killer in the Guest House’ has been filmed in Canada. Most of the filming has taken place in and around British Columbia. Specifically, scenes have been shot in Vancouver and Langley. You can check out the castmembers’ posts, which depict behind the scene images, while the film is shot on location.

Notably, a lot of crewmembers decide to film in British Columbia because of the tax incentives. Moreover, the studio system can also be used for post-production work. To top it off, you have the presence of skilled professionals who can assist in the filmmaking process. You can check out an image of filming taking place in Vancouver, as caught on a set camera.

Killer in the Guest House Cast:

The castmembers of ‘Killer in the Guest House’ include Chelsea Hobbs and Marcus Rosner. The former plays the part of the struggling photographer, while the latter appears in the role of the pilot.

Chelsea started dancing at the age of three and was soon enrolled in intensive acting classes. The actress is of Irish, Scottish, and Swedish descent. Chelsea started by appearing in commercials as a child, before gaining popularity. She’s appeared in shows like ‘Make It or Break It,’ and is known for her performance in Hallmark’s ‘Snow Queen.’

Marcus Rosner is a Canadian actor born in Campbell River, British Columbia. Despite moving around a lot, he grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Marcus started his acting career in Vancouver, and has been part of notable shows like ‘Arrow‘ and ‘Supernatural.’ You can check out a post by Marcus below, urging fans to watch the Lifetime movie.

Ultimately, ‘Killer in the Guest House’ seems to have made smart use of locations, while using local actors, who can bring a realistic flavor to the movie. When these aspects are combined, it makes for a gripping thriller specially designed to keep us glued to the screen.

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