Kloë Shinn: Where is Robert Shinn’s Daughter Now?

In Netflix’s ‘The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ individuals formerly associated with the Shekinah Church and 7M Films talent management agency share their experiences. Robert Shinn leads both these organizations, and many participants allege they were mistreated and abused in various ways during their time with him. They also acknowledge that Shinn did not act alone — family members, such as his daughter Kloë Shinn, were involved in his operations. Although she does not participate in this documentary, others provide insight into her role within the community.

Kloë Shinn is a Singer and Songwriter

Kloë Shinn grew up in Canada with her two brothers, Conrad and Isaiah. In an interview, she shared how her upbringing in Canada significantly influenced her love for music. Besides enjoying the music she liked at home, the country’s support for its artists greatly inspired her. She began playing the piano at the age of ten and soon evolved into a songwriter too. By the age of 13, she had learned to play the guitar and was writing and performing original songs.

Kloë later joined her father Robert in the US – he’d immigrated in 1994. It was here that she got her big break in the entertainment industry as an assistant to the producer for the 2010 film ‘Closure.’ In 2012, she worked as a production coordinator for ‘Mr. Viral,’ and in 2013, she was an assistant to the producer for ‘Random Encounters.’ She launched her first single, ‘Tell A Lie,’ in 2016, followed by two more singles, ‘Cosmic’ and ‘You,’ in 2017.

By 2018, Kloë had already established herself in the music industry with numerous accomplishments. She had worked with Disney and Universal Studios and her songs had even been used in popular shows like ‘Queer Eye,’ ‘The Real Housewives,’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ She actually gradually began holding such celebrity status, she was often interviewed on the red carpet for movie premiers and even pre-Oscar parties.

Therefore, when Kloë’s father founded 7M Films in 2021 as a talent management company, she stuck around while also remaining deeply devoted to the Shekinah Church. She even met her husband, Daniel Joseph, through it as he’d been an active member since he was little and had grown to be her father’s right-hand man. Melanie Wilking, the sister of a 7M Films member, shared a peculiar experience related to her. Melanie recounted that one day, while on her way to the airport to drop off a friend, she received a call from Kloë, asking her to come to a prayer meeting quickly and send a cab to her friend. This struck Melanie as strange, as she had never known a church to call people with such specific and persuasive requests.

Kloë Shinn Has Moved On From Her Roots

Kloë Shinn is known in the industry as a singer and songwriter, and she also has an IMDb page dedicated to her. After February 2022, when the parents of Miranda Derrick, a member of 7M, posted a video expressing their suspicion that their daughter was involved in a cult, the group received significant media attention. Following this fiasco, Kloë and her husband, Daniel Joseph, announced they had left the organization at the beginning of May. They emphasized that they no longer associate with the church, the agency, or its clients.

They added, “Since it has been made known to us that people plan to report on our personal situation without having spoken to us, we are making this statement to set the record straight and it is our only statement on the matter currently.” Since then, Kloë and her husband have maintained a very private life. Her Instagram account used to be public but has since been made private due to the recent attention brought on by the Netflix documentary. She has not responded to Netflix or other media outlets regarding a statement about the church, the agency, or anything related to the matter, and it appears she wishes to keep it that way for the time being.

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