Landman Season 2 Confirmed; to be Filmed in Midland and Fort Worth

Landman’s yield is confirmed to be doubled, even before a first look at his fortunes! Ahead of its season 1 premiere, Paramount+ has renewed the drama series ‘Landman’ for a second installment. The shooting of the second season is scheduled to start in early 2025 in Midland and Fort Worth, Texas. Taylor Sheridan created the series based on Christian Wallace’s podcast ‘Boomtown.’ Billy Bob Thornton headlines the cast.

Set in the proverbial boomtowns of West Texas, the series narrates a modern-day tale of fortune-seeking in the world of oil rigs. The narrative is an upstairs-downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big that it is reshaping the climate, economy, and geopolitics. Tommy Norris works for an oil company in Texas, and that means he spends his days negotiating with folks who are immensely greedy.

As the plot progresses, in control of a moving river of money, Tommy points the cash nozzle wherever it needs to be pointed – in order to keep the oil flowing in constant motion, up and out of the ground. A man with a truck, a cellphone, and a complicated family life, Tommy himself is in constant motion, fueled by coffee, talk, and trouble — lots of coffee, lots of talk, and lots of trouble to be specific.

The cast of ‘Landman’ includes Thornton as Tommy and Ali Larter as Angela Norris, Tommy’s ex-wife. Michelle Randolph will portray Ainsley Norris, the staunch and uptight 17-year-old daughter of Tommy, while Jacob Lofland will play Copper Norris, Tommy’s son. Kayla Wallace will take on the role of Rebecca Savage, and James Jordan will portray Dale Bradley, a petroleum engineer.

Mark Collie will appear as Sheriff Joeberg and Paulina Chavez will star as Ariana, a woman burdened by misfortune. Demi Moore will portray Cami, the wife of one of the most powerful oil men in Texas and a friend of Tommy, while Jon Hamm will embody Monty Miller, a notable figure and rival in the Texas oil industry with a close relationship to the protagonist. Mustafa Speaks will play Boss and Andy Garcia will appear as Galino. Michael Peña, Octavio Rodriguez, and J.R. Villarreal round out the ensemble cast.

“It’s a very interesting world in the boomtown of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s kind of this subculture that we haven’t seen before, which is what I think Taylor does so well,” commented Moore in a talk at the American Pavilion at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. She further added, “I play an oil tycoon’s wife… lots of nice clothes. The substance of it is really exploring the issues around oil, petroleum, on all sides… and then, of course, there’s – as Taylor does so well – there’s delicious drama within and family dynamics.”

Thornton appeared in the Sheridan series ‘1883,’ portraying the real-life gunslinger Jim Courtright. Sheridan is known for co-creating the Paramount Network series ‘Yellowstone‘ and its prequels ‘1883’ and ‘1923.’ Additionally, he spearheads the crime drama ‘Tulsa King,’ collaborating with Terence Winter.

Hamm shared insights into the upcoming series, indicating its departure from Sheridan’s typical cowboy themes. He explained that the show is not actually cowboy-oriented but rather centers on the world of oil, focusing on oil speculators and landmen tasked with acquiring mineral and land rights for oil exploration. He emphasized the series’ detailed storytelling and research, highlighting Sheridan’s ability to craft engaging narratives. Additionally, he mentioned there is plenty of intrigue and back-and-forth, offering an interesting perspective on the processes behind fueling the modern world.

In recent times, Midland and Fort Worth in Texas have emerged as hotspots for Western narratives. Fort Worth previously hosted the production of Sheridan’s ‘1883,’ while Midland served as the backdrop for ‘The Iron Orchard.’

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