1923 Season 2 Starts Filming in Austin, San Antonio, and Galveston This Summer

After several delays, the filming of the second season of Paramount+’s ‘1923‘ is set to start in Austin, San Antonio, and Galveston this summer. This Western drama show from Taylor Sheridan is a prequel to the Paramount Network series ‘Yellowstone‘ and a sequel to ‘1883.’

In the first season finale, Jacob’s feud with Banner and Whitfield intensifies, while Teonna faces the aftermath of her run-in with Renaud’s priests. Spencer and Alexandra navigate their ongoing struggles abroad. The episode doesn’t revisit Alexandra and Arthur’s confrontation but focuses on Teonna’s increasingly violent journey. Her cousin, interrogated by Renaud, is found dead, leading her father and Hank’s son Pete to join her in flight. However, their pursuers, now joined by Renaud, are hot on their trail. Meanwhile, Jacob faces financial woes and a confrontation with Whitfield, while Spencer and Alexandra are embroiled in a dramatic confrontation aboard a ship bound for London. Amidst escalating tensions, Spencer is arrested, and Alexandra is confined to her cabin as the installment concludes with uncertainty concerning the Duttons’ fates.

In the upcoming second season, viewers can expect the Dutton family to face new challenges amid the ongoing battle for the Yellowstone ranch. With Donald Whitfield now holding the ranch’s property tax, the Duttons’ future hangs by a thread, forcing them to consider drastic measures to regain control of their land. Elizabeth grapples with the emotional aftermath of her miscarriage, adding depth to her character arc. Meanwhile, newlyweds Alexandra and Spencer must confront the repercussions of Arthur’s death, which will likely remain a part of the new season. Spencer’s character development may take a significant turn, as hinted by Brandon Sklenar, promising a “different man” in the upcoming episodes. As Cara’s letter to Spencer suggests, there are looming threats, hinting at a season filled with tension for the Dutton family.

In the upcoming season, viewers can expect the return of key cast members, including Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton, Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton, and Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton. The returnees may include Darren Mann as Jack Dutton, Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford, Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton, Robert Patrick as Sheriff William McDowell, and Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater. Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield and Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud are also anticipated to return.

Austin has been showcased in productions such as ‘Walker’ and ‘Hypnotic,’ while San Antonio has served as the backdrop for projects such as ‘The Poison Rose‘ and ‘The Challenger Disaster.’ Additionally, Galveston hosted the shooting of ‘Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom.’ All three Texas locations are new to ‘1923,’ specifically since the first installment was mainly shot in Montana, Africa, and Malta.

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