How Is 1923’s Jacob Dutton Related To John Dutton, Explained

‘1923’ is a Western drama series created by Taylor Sheridan (‘Tulsa King‘). The series follows Jacob Dutton and a generation of the Dutton family who fights to protect their land in Montana against the changing socio-political climate of the titular era. The series is a spin-off prequel to ‘Yellowstone‘ that follows the Dutton family’s current patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner), as he leads his children against the modern threats to the family’s ancestral Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Given that John and Jacob are part of the same family, viewers must wonder about their exact relationship. In that case, here is how Jacob Dutton is related to John Dutton! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Jacob Dutton?

Jacob Dutton is one of the main characters in ‘1923,’ and the patriarch of the Dutton family during the 1920s. He is introduced in the series premiere episode, and actor Harrison Ford essays the role. Although Ford needs no introduction, he is arguably best known for his performance as the charismatic intergalactic smuggler Han Solo in George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars‘ franchise. However, for some viewers, Ford is synonymous with his role as the dashing archeologist Indiana Jones in the film franchise of the same name, starting with 1981’s ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’

In ‘1923,’ Ford’s Jacob Dutton is married to Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) and is responsible for looking after the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The ranch was formed by Jacob’s brother, James Dilliard Dutton (Tim McGraw), and those events are detailed in the prequel series’ 1883.’ However, as revealed in the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone,’ James Dutton died after a gunfight with a group of horse thieves. James died in 1892, nearly ten years after forming the ranch now known as Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. However, at the time, Jacob was not with his brother and likely took the reins after James’ death.

How Is Jacob Dutton Related To John Dutton?

In ‘1883,’ viewers receive the first chronological introduction of the Dutton family, with James Dutton established as its head. James is married to Margaret Dutton, and the couple hails from Texas. James and Margaret have two children, Elsa Dutton and John Dutton, at the start of the show. A third child, Spencer Dutton, is born later. Elsa dies during the family’s journey across the Great Plains. James’ son, John Dutton I, aka John Dutton Sr, is a teenager at the time of his father’s death. Actor Audie Rick plays the character’s younger version, while Jack Michael Doke appears as the character’s teenage version in flashbacks. Actor James Badge Dale (‘Hightown’) portrays an adult version of John Dutton Sr in ‘1923.’

Since Jacob is James’ brother, he is the uncle of John Dutton I and likely looks after the family after his brother’s death. John Dutton’s son is Jack Dutton, making Jacob his grand-uncle. Jack Dutton’s son is John Dutton Jr (Dabney Coleman), and Jacob Dutton is his great grand-uncle. Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, aka John Dutton III, in ‘Yellowstone’ is the son of John Dutton Sr. He is introduced in the series premiere episode titled ‘Daybreak.’ He is the patriarch of the Dutton family in the present. Following the Dutton family tree, John is the great great grandson of James Dutton. Since John’s father descends from James’ line in the family tree, he is the fifth generation patriarch of the Dutton family. In simple terms, Jacob Dutton is the great grand-uncle of John Dutton (Kevin Costner). However, in ‘1923,’ Jacob Dutton is the uncle of John Dutton (James Badge Dale).

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