What Will Happen to Yellowstone Ranch in 1923 Season 2? Theories

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The first season of Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ follows Jacob Dutton’s efforts to protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from several threats that range from lack of grazing land to Donald Whitfield, who eyes the land to build a gold mine at the place. Towards the end of the season, the Duttons struggle to find a way to secure enough funds to feed the cattle, especially during the winter. Whitfield takes advantage of the predicament to let Jacob know that he is trying his best to acquire the land from the latter’s hands. So, what will happen to the Dutton Ranch in the already-announced second season of the series? Will the Duttons lose their land or a savior will emerge to protect the same? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Future of Yellowstone Ranch

The Duttons’ ownership of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch gets threatened the moment Banner Creighton meets Donald Whitfield to lay their hands on the land. The businessman realizes that the land will be perfect for him to build a gold mine, which leads him to buy the land that borders the Dutton Ranch, which proclaims his interest in the land in the middle. In the first season finale, Jacob struggles with the financial condition of the ranch as he is not even able to buy cattle feed without a loan. He fails to pay the property tax, which leads Whitfield to pay the same. He tells Jacob and Cara Dutton that he will acquire their family’s land if they fail to repay him the tax amount by the end of the year.

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Jacob Dutton is facing both short-term and long-term challenges to protect the Dutton Ranch and the way of life in the region. He has to repay Whitfield the money the latter spent to settle the property tax if his family has to remain in the ranch established by his brother James Dutton. Since his financial condition is a cause for concern, Jacob may not be able to repay the miner on his own. In the second season of the series, we may see Spencer Dutton arriving in Montana to help his uncle with the same. The former soldier and hunter may have some sort of savings to settle Jacob’s short-term debt by repaying the property tax to Whitfield.

Even when his boat gets wrecked on the sea, Spencer keeps a bag close to him, which may contain something valuable enough to save his family’s ranch. In the first season finale, Spencer and Alex get separated as the latter is detained on a ship to London, where her family resides. She promises her husband that she will meet him in Montana. In the second season, we may see Alex showing up at the Dutton Ranch to reunite with her husband with a bagful of fortune she likely stole from her extremely wealthy family. Spencer may use the same to pay the taxes and tend the ranch’s cattle so that the Dutton Ranch may become a steady ship financially.

However, the Duttons will not be able to protect their ranch just by repaying the property tax to Whitfield. As long as the miner is alive, he may find one way or another to acquire the Dutton Ranch. Since the Duttons do not have a source of steady income, repaying the miner once will not erase their problems away. Jacob and Spencer may set out to exact their vengeance on Banner and Whitfield, not only to honor the memory of John Dutton Sr. but also to protect the Dutton Ranch from the business tycoon. The uncle and the nephew may consider putting an end to Whitfield’s life for the sake of protecting their land.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Considering the family history of the Duttons, it is evident that they haven’t shied away from taking laws into their hands to ensure their notion of justice. Jacob, not only to save his ranch but also to ensure that Montana will not become the city dwellers’ playground, may kill Whitfield with the help of Spencer. The miner may even become one of the earliest enemies of the family to end up at the depths of the “train station” AKA the Long Black Train. In the second season of the series, Whitfield’s ambition may very well pave the way for his end as well.

We may also see the birth of a newborn at the Dutton Ranch in season 2. Since Elizabeth may not be able to give birth to a child, the possible newborn can be Spencer and Alex’s child. If the cost of protecting the Dutton Ranch from Whitfield’s viciousness is Spencer’s life, Jack Dutton and Elizabeth may nurture the former’s child, who may inherit the ranch in the future.

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