Will Spencer and Alexandra Have a Baby in 1923, Explained

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ is the third installment set in the ‘Yellowstone‘ universe and serves as a prequel to the parent series. Set in the titular era, it follows Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) as they lead the Yellowstone Ranch against several external threats. In the series, Spencer Duton and Alexandra’s story unfolds separately from the rest of the Dutton family. However, with their relationship’s progression, viewers wonder whether the couple will have a child and, if so, how the new Dutton member will fit into the existing family tree. If you wish to find out whether Spencer and Alexandra will have a baby in ‘1923,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

How Did Spencer and Alexandra Meet?

Spencer Dutton is the youngest son of James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill). He is the younger brother of John Dutton and Elsa Dutton, the latter who serves as the narrator of ‘1923.’ Prior to the show’s events, Spencer served in the army during the First World War, but his experiences left him scarred. As a result, Spencer avoids returning home to Yellowstone Ranch. Instead, Spencer takes up work as a hunter in Africa and gains quite a reputation for hunting deadly man-eaters.

During one such assignment, Spencer’s reputation proceeds him when Alexandra approaches him at a bar. Spencer and Alexandra strike an instant chemistry as the former’s bravado appeals to Alexandra’s adventure-seeking nature. In the second episode, titled ‘Nature’s Empty Throne,’ Alexandra joins Spencer on his adventure in Africa. In the following episode, Alexandra and Spencer become romantically involved before eventually tying the knot in the sixth episode, titled ‘One Ocean Closer to Destiny.’ Meanwhile, Spencer and Alexandra undertake an arduous journey across three continents to return to Spencer’s home and reunite with the Duttons.

Will Spencer and Alexandra Have a Baby? Theories

Spencer and Alexandra’s relationship, along with the journey to the Yellowstone Ranch, has paved speculation for the couple’s romantic future. Since ‘1923’ is a prequel to ‘Yellowstone,’ viewers have been eager to explore and understand each character’s place in the overarching Dutton family tree. Viewers learn about the family tree’s starting point in the first prequel series ‘1883,’ with the introduction of James and Margaret Dutton. Meanwhile, ‘Yellowstone’ focuses on the present generation of the Dutton family led by patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner). However, viewers expect ‘1923’ to bridge the gap between the extreme ends of the Dutton family generation.

Spencer and Alexandra’s potential offspring could answer several questions about the Dutton family tree. Presently, it is speculated that John Dutton III is a direct descendant of James Dutton. Therefore, his lineage must be followed through either son of James, namely John Dutton I or Spencer Dutton. In the series, John Dutton and his wife, Emma Dutton, have only one son, Jack Dutton. Therefore, viewers have speculated that either Jack or Spencer is the father of John Dutton II, the father of Kevin Costner’s character.

However, in the sixth episode, it is revealed that Jack’s wife, Elizabeth, is pregnant with a baby. Jack and Elizabeth’s baby will likely serve as the connecting link between the present and past generations of the Duttons. Moreover, ‘Yellowstone’ does not make any mention of John Dutton III’s siblings or his cousins. Therefore, it is implied that Spencer and Alexandra never had any children. A narration from Elsa Dutton states that only one of her father’s children lived long enough to see their children grow.

Since John’s son, Jack is already an adult, the narration seemingly confirms Spencer will perish before he can have a child with Alexandra. Ultimately, the chances of Spencer and Alexandra having a baby seem bleak as it would further complicate the nature of the Dutton family tree. However, characters such as Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton were introduced retroactively and inserted into the Dutton family tree. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if Spencer and Alexandra did end up having a child. However, it is unlikely that their family will survive to see the present day.

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