Who is Elsa Dutton in 1883? Who Plays Her?

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1883‘ marks the beginning of the Dutton family’s journey towards creating a vast legacy in the form of the Yellowstone Ranch. The prequel to ‘Yellowstone‘ is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War and features a diverse group of characters and actors who portray them. Along with the likes of seasoned performers such as Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Billy Bob Thornton, a young actress is leaving her mark on the viewers through the series. We are talking about the actress who plays Elsa Dutton. If Elsa has left an impression on you as well and you wish to learn more about the character and the actress who plays her, here’s everything you need to know!

Who is Elsa Dutton in 1883?

Elsa Dutton is one of the protagonists of ‘1883’ and is first introduced in the series premiere episode. She is also the show’s principal narrator. Elsa is the eldest daughter of James Dillard Dutton, the first generation rancher of the Dutton family, and his wife, Margaret Dutton. She is the elder sister of John and Spencer Dutton. Elsa is fond of traveling and adventures. She does not like being bound by rules and regulations. Despite being intelligent and skilled, Elsa’s beauty seems to be her standout attribute among men.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

In the series premiere episode, she travels to Texas with her mother, aunt, brother, and cousin. From Fort Worth, Elsa and her family set out with the caravan led by Shea Brennan in search of a new home. In her opening voice-over narration, Elsa mentions that she is long gone and does not appear alongside her brothers in the flashbacks set in the late 1890s, which factor into the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone.’

Who Plays Elsa Dutton in 1883?

Actress Isabel May essays the role of Elsa Dutton in ‘1883.’ The series isn’t May’s first rodeo in the acting circuit but is undoubtedly a huge leap forward in her career. May was born on November 21, 2000, in Santa Monica, California. She began pursuing acting at a young age but did not have much formal training in the art form. May landed the co-lead part of Katie in Netflix’s ‘Alexa & Katie‘ after failing to secure a role even after several auditions. Her role in the sitcom brought the young actress’ talent to recognition and opened the door for more opportunities which May has certainly capitalized on.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

May’s role in ‘1883’ marks the second time she is starring in a series that is a prequel to a different hit show. May is well known for playing the role of Veronica Duncan on ‘Young Sheldon,‘ which is a prequel to the hit sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Her other credits include parts in films such as ‘Let’s Scare Julie’ and ‘Run Hide Fight.’ In an interview, May opened up about her character and described Elsa as an extremely honest person. She noted Elsa’s lively perspective on the world filled with hardships as a highlight of the character. May also had to learn horseback riding in preparation for her role in the Western series.

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