Why Was Banner Arrested in 1923? Will He Get the Death Penalty?

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ is a Western drama series that follows the Dutton family’s story as they face several challenges and dangerous foes. In the series, Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) is one of the Dutton family’s foes who creates several obstacles and delivers major blows to the Duttons. However, in the seventh episode, Banner finally faces the consequences of his actions. Banner is arrested for his crimes and faces a stern punishment. If you are wondering why Banner is arrested and whether he will receive the death penalty in ‘1923,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Was Banner Arrested in 1923?

In ‘1923,’ actor Jerome Flynn (‘Game of Thrones‘) plays Banner Creighton, a Scottish sheepherder who serves as an adversary for the Duttons. Banner argues with Jacob Dutton about the land issue in Montana as he is unable to feed his cattle. However, Jacob makes a decision against Banner, and the latter tries to shoot the Dutton patriarch in the street. However, Sheriff McDowell prevents him from killing Jacob. Later Batter tries to kill Jacob’s great-nephew, Jack Dutton. As a result, Jacob hangs Banner and his men. However, Banner survives and returns with a vendetta against the Duttons.

In the third episode, titled ‘The War Has Come Home,’ Banner and his men launch an attack on the Dutton family while they are returning home from the town. In the ensuing gunfight, Jacob’s nephew John Dutton is killed, and Jacob and jack are wounded. However, Jacob and Jack survive the incident and recover over time. After recovering, the Duttons work with Sheriff McDowell to arrest Banner. In the seventh episode, titled ‘The Rule of Five Hundred,’ Sheriff McDowell arrives at Banner’s doorstep and apprehends him for attacking the Duttons. Banner is charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Will Banner Get the Death Penalty?

When Banner is arrested, he argues with Sheriff McDowell accusing Jacob of killing his friends. However, Sheriff McDowell explains that Jacob was well within his rights in doing so. Therefore, Banner’s argument fails to impress Sheriff McDowell, forcing him to spend time in prison. Meanwhile, after Banner attacked the Duttons, he made a pact with businessman Donald Whitfield. Banner promises Whitfield that he will obtain the Yellowstone Ranch for the latter to use for mining. Hence, Whitfield comes to Banner’s rescue when he is arrested by dispatching his lawyer.

Since Banner is likely to receive legal help in the matter, it remains to be seen what kind of punishment he will face. Banner is facing serious charges since he is responsible for the murder of John Dutton. Moreover, he is also charged with nearly killing one of the most influential men in Montana. Hence, the death penalty seems to be a likely punishment for Banner’s crimes. However, Whitfield’s lawyer reassures Banner that he can bail him out of the situation.

As a result, the lawyer could bend the law allowing Banner to escape legal troubles. Whitfield could pay someone to confess to attacking Jacob clearing Banner’s name. Moreover, Jacob and Banner’s conflict mirrors a classic Western enmity wherein the characters’ motivations are drastically different from each other. Therefore, the conflict concluding through the legal route will be anticlimactic. On the other hand, settling the conflict with a proper Western showdown between Jacob and Banner will be satisfying for the viewers. Hence, Banner is unlikely to receive the death penalty for his crimes.

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