Who is Sheriff McDowell in 1923? Who Plays Him?

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ is a prequel to ‘Yellowstone‘ that explores the history of the Dutton family. In the series, Jacob Dutton finds himself in a difficult position after a conflict with Banner Creighton causes a tragedy in the Dutton family’s life. In the series, Sheriff McDowell serves as one of the Dutton family’s closest allies and helps Jacob navigate the tough issues faced by the Dutton patriarch. Therefore, viewers must be looking for more information about Sheriff McDowell. If you wish to find out who plays Sheriff McDowell in ‘1923,’ and the character’s role in the series, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sheriff William McDowell: Gallatin County’s Lawman and Dutton Ally

Sheriff William McDowell is introduced in the series premiere episode, titled ‘1923.’ He is the Sheriff of Gallatin County and a friend of Jacob Dutton. In the premiere episode, Sheriff McDowell is present at the Town Hall when Banner Creighton argues with the council about a land issue. However, Jacob Dutton rules against Banner, leading to the Scottish shepherd trying to attack Jacob in the streets. As a result, Sheriff McDowell is forced to intervene and disarms Banner. Over the next few episodes, Sheriff McDowell appears sporadically and works with Cara Dutton in Jacob’s absence as the latter recovers from the attack on his life.

In the sixth episode, titled ‘One Ocean Closer to Destiny,’ Sheriff McDowell and Cara Dutton hold interviews for the Livestock Agent position. However, Cara hints that there is something else she wants Sheriff McDowell to see. Later, Sheriff McDowell arrives at the Yellowstone Ranch. Sheriff McDowell meets Jacob Dutton and learns about his plan to retaliate against Banner Creighton. However, Sheriff McDowell believes that Jacob going after Banner will escalate into a war for the control of land in Montana. Therefore, Sheriff McDowell stops Jacob and wants to apprehend Banner, bringing him to justice with the help of the legal system. As a result, it is easy to view Sheriff McDowell as the closest ally of the Dutton family and also a voice of reason in the local community.

Robert Patrick Plays Sheriff McDowell

In ‘1923’ actor Robert Patrick plays the role of Sheriff McDowell. Patrick was born in Marietta, Georgia, and graduated from Farmington High School in Farmington, Michigan. He was a football player at Bowling Green State University. However, Patrick later dropped out of college after discovering an interest in theater arts and acting. Patrick made his screen debut in 1986, appearing in two movies ‘Eye of the Eagle’ and ‘Equalizer 2000.’ Patrick gained wider recognition after appearing as O’Reilly in the 1990 action drama smash hit ‘Die Hard 2’ starring Bruce Willis in the lead role. However, Patrick’s breakthrough performance came in the 1991 sci-fi film ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ playing the role of T-1000.

Patrick is also known for appearing in several hit shows. Some viewers might recognize the actor as John Doggett from the sci-fi drama series ‘The X-Files.’ Similarly, Patrick’s performance as Jackson Herveaux in the fantasy horror series ‘True Blood.’ The actor made his entrance into the superheroes genre by playing the part of Auggie Smith/White Dragon in the superhero drama series ‘Peacemaker.’ Robert Patrick’s Sheriff McDowell is credited as a series regular for the first season of ‘1923.’ Hence, viewers should expect to see more of Sheriff McDowell in the upcoming episodes of the Western drama series.

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