Who is Spencer Dutton? How is He Related to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton?

Created by Taylor Sheridan, Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ revolves around Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), the brother of James Dutton, who established the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in the state of Montana. After James’ death, Jacob and his wife Cara Dutton run the ranch and leads the other Duttons as they confront the challenges brought by Prohibition and the Great Depression. As the Duttons herds and tends cattle in Montana, Spencer Dutton alone leads his life in the wilderness of the African continent, fighting lions and leopards. Intrigued by the character, we have found out more about Spencer and how he is related to the present-time Dutton patriarch John Dutton III. Here’s what we want to share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Spencer Dutton?

Spencer Dutton is the son of James Dutton, who brings the Dutton family to Montana from Texas. He is also the brother of John Dutton Sr. and the nephew of Jacob and Cara. Spencer was a soldier during World War I. He had fought in the War valiantly but he could only leave the battlefields with immense trauma that revolves around his war experience. He often has intrusive thoughts about the same, which unsettles him during his day-to-day life. While almost all of the Duttons lived or have been living in and around the Dutton Ranch after James and his family’s move to Montana, Spencer is an exception. He chose to be in Africa, seemingly to be away from his family.

Although Spencer is away from other Duttons, he hasn’t ceased to be one. The courage and resilience the Duttons display are part of Spencer’s characteristics as well. In the first episode of the show, Spencer puts his life on the line to fight a lion and two leopards unflinchingly, showcasing his valor. Spencer’s actions also make it evident that he doesn’t shy away from obstacles and threats, which makes him a Dutton even if he doesn’t want to be a part of the family anymore. Although the premiere episode of the show ends with a leopard attacking Spencer, he is expected to survive the attack by killing the beast.

Since Cara writes a letter to Spencer, asking him whether he will be returning to Yellowstone, we may see him reconsidering his decision to be away from Montana. If that’s the case, Spencer may turn out to be Jacob’s general as the Dutton patriarch deals with several challenges that threaten the survival of their family. Brandon Sklenar, who plays Bobby Prentace in ‘Vice,’ plays Spencer in ‘1923.’ The actor also plays Edward Mapplethorpe in the biographical film ‘Mapplethorpe,’ Burt Reynolds in ‘The Offer,’ Henry in ‘Westworld,’ and George “Tex” Gay in ‘Midway.’

How is Spencer Dutton Related to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton?

The Dutton family of the state of Montana was established by James Dutton, the father of Spencer Dutton, John Dutton Sr., and Elsa Dutton. John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale), the right-hand man of Jacob Dutton and Spencer’s brother, is the father of Jack Dutton (Darren Mann), which makes Spencer the latter’s uncle. Jack is the father of John Dutton Jr. AKA John Dutton II (Dabney Coleman), Spencer’s grand-nephew. Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III is the son of John Dutton II, which makes him Spencer’s great-grand-nephew. In other words, Spencer Dutton is John Dutton III’s great-grand-uncle.

Spencer Dutton is one of the earliest Duttons who was born in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, a legacy that continues with John Dutton III and his children. Spencer’s display of bravery, even while confronting death at a close distance, also resembles John’s nature in ‘Yellowstone.’

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