Who is Elizabeth Strafford? Is She Pregnant in 1923? Theories

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A sequel to ‘1883’ and prequel to ‘Yellowstone,’ Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ follows Jacob Dutton, the brother of James Dutton, who established the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The first episode of the series introduces the viewers of the ‘Yellowstone’ universe to the family of Jacob, which includes his wife Cara Dutton, his nephew John Dutton Sr., and his grand-nephew Jack Dutton. Although not a Dutton, Elizabeth Strafford remains an integral presence in the Dutton household in the show’s premiere episode. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to know more about the intriguing character. Well, here’s what we can share about her! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Elizabeth Strafford?

Elizabeth Strafford is the fiancée of Jack Dutton, the son of John Dutton Sr. and Jacob’s grand-nephew. Elizabeth is a “feisty and capable young woman,” who has been waiting to marry Jack and become a Dutton. The narrative of ‘1923’ begins when Elizabeth and Jack’s wedding is on the horizon, only for Jacob to postpone the same since the family is going to the hills to feed cattle. Although Elizabeth is the daughter of a cowboy, she hasn’t yet learned the nuances of a cowboy’s life. When her wedding gets postponed, she nearly breaks up with Jack following her impulse, without realizing that his fiancé has to prioritize the well-being and survival of cattle as a rancher and cowboy.

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Although Elizabeth fights with Jack, she loves him deeply. When Cara Dutton meets her to discuss the postponed wedding, she reveals how she cannot live without Jack. She eventually reunites with Jack after a brief fight with him. She also extends her respect towards Cara, even when the latter meets her as the bearer of sad news. Like a good Dutton, she knows to respect and follow the wisdom of her elders, which makes her a perfect new addition to the Dutton family. When the men of the family leave for the mountains, she joins Cara to deal with the customary separation that lasts several days.

Michelle Randolph, who made her acting debut with her performance as Rachel in ‘House of the Witch,’ plays Elizabeth. Michelle plays Blanca Snow in ‘A Snow White Christmas,’ Brie in ‘5 Years Apart,’ Bree in ‘The Resort,’ and Amy McCleary in ‘The Undertaker’s Wife.’

Is Elizabeth Strafford Pregnant in 1923?

In the premiere episode of the show, Jacob Dutton jokes about Elizabeth being already pregnant with Jack’s child, although their wedding is yet to happen. According to Jacob, it is futile to use a calendar to find out when John Sr. and Emma could welcome a grandson while Elizabeth may give birth to Jack’s son very early. Jacob can be joking about the pregnancy, especially since Jack and Elizabeth might have been spending their time together after their engagement. The couple has been intimate and the first episode of the show depicts the same, justifying Jacob’s speculation.

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Jacob’s words can be true, specifically since Jack becomes a father through the birth of John Dutton II AKA John Dutton Jr., the father of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III in ‘Yellowstone.’ In the premiere episode of ‘1923,’ a sheep herder fires a gun at Jack. Even if Jack dies because of the same, the Dutton family will be extended through him with Elizabeth’s possible baby. If that’s the case, Jacob’s words about the pregnancy explain how Jack can be the grandfather of John III when the latter’s father wasn’t even born when Jack died. In the second episode of the show, we can expect a confirmation regarding Elizabeth’s pregnancy and how she will nurture her baby with the other Duttons if Jack dies.

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