Lavender Darcangelo: Where is AGT Finalist Now?

Displaying unbridled talent that attests to skills and expertise, ‘America’s Got Talent’ features an array of participants showcasing their unique abilities. The competition chronicles the journey of musicians, dancers, magicians, comics, gymnasts, and more as they display their dexterity and mastery of the craft. The contestants are judged by a panel of judges who decide to take the right act to the next stage.

With few limitations and one goal, the entertainers manage to push their boundaries in a feat to win the coveted prize and the top spot. The show has continued to garner wide acclaim since its inception in 2006. The 18th iteration of the reality television show features Lavender Darcangelo, an emerging musician. Fans have been enthralled by her musical prowess and want to know what has the television personality been up to.

Lavender Darcangelo’s AGT Journey

Defying the normative, Lavender Darcangelo showcased that talent can be found everywhere. The television personality first began her journey with music even before she could speak. The skillful personality is a blind person and has autism. She was enthralled by the harmony of symphonies from a relatively young age. By the age of three, the toddler was already humming to different tunes. Before long, Lavender and everyone around her realized her ability to weave countless emotions through her voice. Soon after, she joined a mentorship program established by Wil Darchangelo and his husband, Jamie.

Blind, Autistic Singer Has Heidi Klum Tearing Up With Golden Buzzer-Worthy Audition.

Coupled with the right training, it wasn’t long before Lavender made her mark as an emerging musican. The television personality first went viral after her performance of ‘Part of Your World’ from ‘The Little Mermaid’ was put on TikTok. Similarly, her talents were equally appreciated by judges on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ After performing Irena Cara’s ‘Out Here On My Own’ on the show, Lavender left the panel of judges spellbound.

Blind, Autistic 'America's Got Talent' Singer Earns Golden Buzzer: Watch – Billboard

Consequently, the impact of her performance earned her an immediate spot in the finale. Judge Heidi Klum was particularly affected by her soulful expression and awarded her the Golden Buzzer, ensuring that Lavender gets a shot on the live show. Despite the limitations she has faced in the past, the television personality managed to overcome the impeding obstacles and fulfill her childhood wishes of singing on television. Naturally, fans wonder what lies ahead for the up-and-coming musician.

Lavender Darcangelo is Focusing on Her New Album

Bearing immense talent, Lavender Darcangelo managed to create a significant impact on audiences and people around the world. Since then, the singer has been effectively working to exponentiate her growth. With the support of her adoptive parents and mentors, Wil and Jamie, the television personality has been enhancing her strengths. As stated on her website, Lavender is currently working on creating her solo debut album, entitled ‘Mosaic.’

The musician hopes to represent a variety of musical styles that honor and draw attention to people on the autism spectrum. Not just this, Lavender also hopes to raise awareness of the diversity within the disability community. Currently based in Los Angeles, Lavender is also solidifying her presence in the musical industry and has even made appearances in eminent publications. Besides this, the television personality has been enjoying her time with her boyfriend, Brian, and her fathers, Wil and Jamie.

When she’s not singing or participating in a photoshoot or an interview, Lavender likes to unwind with her loved ones and engage in various recreational activities. She has even appeared on the WPKZ radio station. While her television persona has inspired many, her presence on social media has also allowed fans to develop a personal connection. Besides gaining an ever-evolving following on Instagram, Lavender’s online presence has also allowed her to simplify her advocacy and showcase that disabilities can be tackled with mirth and joy. Naturally, we continue to look forward to all the personal and professional achievements that lie ahead in her future!

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