Lawmen Bass Reeves Was Filmed Texas. Here are the Details.

As part of the ‘Yellowstone’ universe, ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ chronicles the journey of the eponymous protagonist, who happens to be the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River. The Western historical drama series comes from the mind of Chad Feehan and retells the true heroic tales of a man who didn’t relent in his convictions. With David Oyelowo as the titular lead, the series features the tumultuous journey of a man who was once enslaved. Given the spirit of a Western classic, the series is shot in its characteristic backdrop. Naturally, fans have been curious about where Lawman Bass Reeves was filmed. So here are the full details.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Filming Locations

The Paramount+ series chronicles the undulated expanse of fields and roads characteristically aligned with Western productions. The series was filmed primarily in and around Texas, the Lone Star state. The principal photography for the show began earlier this year on January 17, 2023, and was concluded within the next few months. The production was wrapped up on June 6, 2023. Director Christina Alexandra took to Instagram to share her journey behind the scenes with fans. She wrote, “…My love for this cast and crew is bigger than a Texas thunderhead in springtime…” Given the premise of the series, audiences want to know the details of the filming sites.

North Texas, Texas

Within the paradigm of the 19th century, the story of Bass Reeves is expected to articulate the structures and authenticity of the time. To display the foundation of the premise, the creators of the series decided to film the show in locations around North Texas. Some of the significant sites that were covered during the filming process were Stephenville and Strawn. Like ‘1883,’ the ‘Yellowstone’ prequel, ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ also features a streak of locations from North Texas. In addition to filming the exterior scenes in these locations, producer Taylor Sheridan’s ranch also became a filming site for the television series. Some of the scenes for the show were shot in Taylor Sheridan’s ranch at Bosque Ranch, located in Weatherford, Texas.

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Besides this, Fort Worth also became a primary setup for the production team to carry out their storyline. In addition to having a ranch in Weatherford, producer Taylor Sheridan also shares a connection in Fort Worth. As a graduate of Pascal High School, the cast and crew of ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ were welcomed by the residents with open arms. Not just this, Mattie Parker, the mayor of Texas, had also taken to a conference to announce the commencement of filming in September 2022.

While Bass Reeves, the historical figure, was based in Oklahoma all his life, the showrunners decided to film in Texas instead of Oklahoma to retain the authenticity of a Western classic. Given the topography and wide cover found in Texas, it seemed to be a suitable location for principal photography. As a person who had overcome systemic oppression, Bass Reeves had risen through the ranks. His familiarity with the Indian territory and knowledge of the Native American languages paved the way for his growth. Renowned for his marvelous dedication and for covering as many as 75,000 square miles patrolling Oklahoma and Arkansas, the series depicts the unvanquished spirit of the great Marshal.

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Waxahachie is yet another quaint town that became the focal point for the series. Perched in the south of Dallas, some of the interior scenes were shot inside the Ellis County Courthouse in the Waxahachie City Council. Other than this, Glen Rose and Weatherford were also some of the many locations for the show’s storyline. To completely embody the spirit of the times, the showrunners did not compromise on the authenticity of the locations. Finally, the creative team shot some scenes in Palo Pinto County.

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