10 Best LGBTQ+ Movies on Hulu Right Now

Life is defined by colours, a great spectrum of them. Neither is anyone’s personality and character black and white, nor their sexuality. The need to place yourself in the rigid boundary of a certain sexual preference is something that society is breaking out of. The movement started by the LGBTQ+ community is gaining momentum, and hopefully, sooner rather than later, all the orthodoxy and bigotry will be cleaned out of this world. Cinema, due to its access to and influence on people across the globe, has the responsibility of giving non-straight characters a chance to share their lives with the world. With that said, here’s the list of really good LGBT movies on Hulu that are available to stream right now:

10. Elena Undone (2010)

Nicole Conn’s ‘Elena Undone’ is a lesbian film that challenges the conventional religious philosophy on sexuality with its complicated tale of romance and infidelity. Elena Winters is the wife of a pastor who has been engaged in protests against homosexuality and considers it a sin according to her conservative religious beliefs. Her son Nash detests the kind of movements that her mother supports, which eventually makes Elena question her beliefs as well.

Furthermore, when she meets a well-known lesbian writer named Peyton Lombard, sparks fly between the two as they feel a strange attraction toward one another. Soon, an affair starts between the duo that challenges Elena’s preconceived notions about love and relationship.

9. Booksmart (2019)

Starring Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, ‘Booksmart’ is a coming-of-age buddy comedy film directed by Olivia Wilde. The movie centers upon Amy and Molly, two best friends and academic superstars who have dedicated themselves to their studies to the point that they forget to enjoy their time at school. As they are isolated from the rest of their classmates, the duo decides to make up for the lost time and have as much fun as possible. The hilarious drama that unfolds is sure to bring a smile to your face, and ‘Booksmart’ is without a doubt a great film for viewers who are looking for a lighthearted movie.

8. Disobedience (2017)

Based on Naomi Alderman’s 2006 novel of the same name, ‘Disobedience’ is a romantic drama film. The Sebastián Lelio directorial is set in North London and follows a young woman who returns to a strict Orthodox Jewish community after the death of her rabbi father. She has been ostracized by the same society years earlier for some reason, and after her return, she struggles to come to terms with the strict conservative values of the community all over again.

As she has an encounter with an old childhood friend, memories of the past bring the two a little too closer than the Orthodox Jewish values typically allows. ‘Disobedience’ portrays a taboo relationship between two young women and also tackles religious orthodoxy and the societal pressure that often challenges such bonds. Therefore, people looking for LGBTQ+ films will definitely find it fascinating.

7. Benedetta (2021)

Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Benedetta’ is a biographical, psychological drama film that is loosely based on Judith C. Brown’s 1986 non-fiction book titled ‘Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy.’ The movie follows the young titular protagonist, who is taken to the convent in the Tuscan city of Pescia by her parents with the hope that she will make a life of herself there. Several years later, she becomes a venerated figure at the abbey after having mysterious visions of Jesus Christ.

But around the same time, she also meets Bartolomea, a young woman who arrives at the covenant to live away from her violent father. But she ends up forming a romantic affair with Benedetta that goes against the religious value of the conservative Christian faith.

6. A Perfect Ending (2012)

Featuring stand-out performances by Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark, John Heard, and Morgan Fairchild, ‘A Perfect Ending’ is a romantic drama film that recounts the story of a steamy lesbian affair. Rebecca is a middle-aged woman who has built a happy family with her husband, Mason Westridge. On the surface, the seemingly ideal and affluent family seems perfect, but the reality is rather harsh and complicated.

So, when Rebecca confides to her friends that she has never had an orgasm, they arrange a meeting with a high-priced call girl named Paris. Her gentle advances eventually convince Rebecca to open herself to the idea of experiencing a relationship with another woman, which literally changes her life forever.

5. We the Animals (2018)

Directed and co-written by Jeremiah Zagar, ‘We the Animals’ is a coming-of-age drama film that stars Evan Rosado, Raúl Castillo, Sheila Vand, and Isaiah Kristian. The movie centers on three siblings who adopt different mechanisms to deal with the volatile relationship of their parents. While the older two appear to have taken cues from their father, Jonah, who is the youngest of the three brothers, builds his own path. While he is grappling with his own sexuality, he also has to witness the financial struggle of his family without losing sight of the fact that he aspires to overcome his present conditions to find meaning and identity in life.

4. Free Fall (2013)

If ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is one of your favourite films, then ‘Free Fall’ is a great watch for you. This German drama follows the story of a policeman who is torn by the responsibilities towards his family and his love for another man. Marc Borgmann and his girlfriend have a baby on the way. One would think that this is the time when Marc’s life begins to settle down. However, he meets Kay Engel, a fellow officer, during a training course. Their feelings for each other start a storm in Marc’s simple and stable life. As if the pressure of choosing between his lovers wasn’t enough, Kay mysteriously disappears.

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3. Midnight Kiss (2019)

Carter Smith’s ‘Midnight Kiss’ is a thriller-horror film that revolves around a group of longtime gay best friends and their gal pal who are ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a beautiful desert home just like every year. One of the annual traditions of the celebrations includes the titular game that involves finding a special someone for oneself. But over the years, the relationship that these friends share with one another has been complicated because of jealousy and secrets. So, when a sadistic killer joins their party, the night of fun suddenly turns into a night of survival.

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2. The World to Come (2020)

Starring Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Casey Affleck, and Christopher Abbott, ‘The World to Come’ is a romantic drama movie that is inspired by Jim Shepard’s story of the same name. The film follows Abigail, a grieving woman who has recently lost her young daughter and is struggling to come to terms with it. However, her life appears to become tolerable after she meets the newly arrived neighbor Tallie. The two friends later discover that they are not happy with their marriage and fall for one another. It marks the beginning of a scandalous affair that naturally makes their husbands jealous.

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1. AWOL (2017)

‘AWOL’ is a romantic drama film that recounts a story of love and self-discovery. Joey is a young woman who is desperate to find a purpose in life. Her search eventually leads her to an Army recruiting office, which she considers the golden ticket out of Pennsylvania coal country. However, when she unexpectedly meets and falls in love with Rayna, a magnetic housewife, her life takes a dramatic turn.

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