Lidia Morel and Scott Wern From 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About the Couple

The popularity of the ’90 Day’ franchise paved the way for several interesting spin-off shows, including ’90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.’ While the reality show focuses on US citizens engaged to foreign nationals from exotic locations, viewers were surprised to find Lidia Morel as one of the participants. She was initially introduced on ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ as Pedro Jimeno’s mother. Although some fans and his fiancee’s family believed that Lidia had asked her son to marry a US citizen to procure a green card, she further appeared as one of the main cast members of ‘The Family Chantel.’  Nevertheless, with her now romancing US citizen Scott Wern, let’s find out everything there is about them, shall we?

Lidia Morel and Scott Wern: Where Are They From?

Loving father Scott Wern is a United States native who resided in Spring Hill, Florida, at the time of filming. While the 51-year-old earns his living as a Respiratory Therapist, he is also pretty well known in the fitness circuit as an enthusiastic bodybuilder. Additionally, Scott works as a Personal Trainer and a high school Soccer Coach. When talking about his life, he mentioned that he had just one meaningful relationship in his entire life, and when that did not work, he turned to a series of dating apps for companionship.

Since then, Scott hasn’t been in a serious relationship, as most of his acquaintances are one-night stands or friends with benefits. The only constant in the US native’s life is his bull mastiff, Ally, and Scott mentioned that his girlfriends must get along with her to remain in his life. On the other hand, Lidia is from the Dominican Republic and a proud mother to her children, Pedro and Nicole. While viewers will already be well acquainted with Pedro, Nicole also shares an excellent relationship with her mother and supports her in every way. Incidentally, Lidia is an ex-divorce attorney, although, like Scott, she has had just one serious relationship to date. However, the 56-year-old hoped he would make it worth the wait.

Lidia Morel and Scott Wern Met on a Dating App

Readers would be interested to know that Lidia and Scott have never met face-to-face since the beginning of their relationship. He came across her profile while browsing an international dating app, and she seemed like someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Moreover, the US native was pretty tired of one-night stands and hoped for stability.

Thus, Scott reached out through the app, and they began talking once Lidia accepted his request. It did not take long for the couple to get comfortable with each other, and they were soon making plans of their own. Besides, Scott and Lidia appeared to trust each other blindly as the former planned to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Facing the Future: Lidia and Scott’s In-Person Meeting

Though Lidia Morel and Scott Wern seemed quite optimistic about their future together, certain aspects might hinder their relationship. Firstly, all of the couple’s interactions were over the Internet, and the two never met in person. Face-to-face meetings can often change one’s perception of a specific person, and there is no confirmation that the two will gel well in real life.

On the other hand, although Lidia’s children, especially her daughter Nicole, appeared to support the relationship, she mostly spoke on her mother’s behalf, which might drive a wedge between the couple. Additionally, Lidia and Scott have a massive language barrier between them, and the show hinted that they might get into a severe altercation over this. Hence, such variables and Lidia’s acceptance of Scott’s beloved canine companion will prove crucial to their relationship’s success.

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