Lifetime’s Revenge Delivered: Everything We Know

Lifetime has developed its niche in creating shows and movies about gripping crimes that captivate the audience’s minds. One such crime drama is ‘Revenge Delivered’ that tells an enthralling story of revenge set against a medical backdrop. It follows a reputed doctor whose life begins to crumble when a dark secret of her past is revealed. If you wish to learn more details about this thriller, such as the filming details, cast, and whether it is based on a true story, you have come to the right place. Allow us to share everything we know about ‘Revenge Delivered.’

Revenge Delivered Filming Locations

Similar to most other Lifetime movies, ‘Revenge Delivered’ is also likely filmed on soundstages at a studio as well as on location in certain parts of Los Angeles. Let’s take a closer look at the filming spots of the movie.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the most popular metropolitan cities in the world and is known for its diverse culture. It is an entertainment hub, and the Hollywood film industry is largely concentrated in the city. Since Lifetime has increased the amount of original scripted programming on its channel, it is likely that the network has a long-standing deal with a studio for filming its movies and shows. Crew members skilled in filmmaking are also readily available in the city. LA also offers up to 25% tax credit on expenses incurred during the production of films and TV shows in the city. Considering all these factors, Los Angeles is a very well-suited and wisely chosen filming location for the movie.

Los Angeles is also known for its arts, street food, architecture, and eye-catching skyline. It is a renowned tourist destination. Local attractions include Griffith Observatory, City Hall, Venice Beach, Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport, Vincent Thomas Bridge, and the Hollywood Sign, among others. Popular films shot in Los Angeles include ‘Promising Young Woman,’ ‘Tenet,’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’

Revenge Delivered Cast

‘Revenge Delivered’ stars Olunike Adeliyi in the lead role as Dr. Victoria Brooks, an obstetrician. You might remember the actress from the series ‘The Expanse,’ in which she appears as Karal, and from the crime drama series ‘Flashpoint’ as Leah Kerns. Mary Antonini essays the role of the resident student that Dr. Brooks suspects. The actress can also be seen in the film ‘A Christmas Mission’ in the lead role of Emma. Samantha Brown also appears as one of the main cast members alongside the aforementioned actresses.

Is Revenge Delivered Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Revenge Delivered’ is not based on a true story. Unlike many other recent Lifetime movies, ‘Revenge Delivered’ is most likely a fictional story. The focus of the story is Dr. Victoria Brooks, who suspects that a new resident student is actually the daughter of a woman from her dark past seeking revenge. The theme of revenge is central to the plot, but most of the movie deals with the question – how far one might go for revenge? This is where the simple premise becomes complicated, and the line between reality and fiction begins to blur.

The premise of a medical professional being hunted down for revenge by someone connected to their past isn’t an entirely fresh concept and has been previously explored in other movies. ‘Stalked By My Doctor’ is one example of a similar movie that comes to mind. It also features a young woman enrolling in a medical institute to take revenge on a doctor who has wronged her in the past. A more recent example is the thriller movie, ‘Every Breath You Take,‘ which follows a psychiatrist who is hunted down by a mysterious man out to exact revenge on him. All things considered, while not entirely outside the realm of reality, ‘Revenge Delivered’ mostly belongs in the world of fiction and shares a lot in common with other movies of the revenge genre than with reality.

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