Lights Out: All Shooting Locations of the Action Thriller Explored

Helmed by director Christian Sesma, ‘Lights Out’ is an action thriller that follows an ex-military drifter, Michael Duffield, and his descent into an increasingly dangerous crime world. An ex-con, Max Bomer, recruits Duffield into brawling in underground fight clubs, which pays both of them handsomely well. Gaining confidence with some money in their pockets, the pair decide to head to Los Angeles, where Max pays back his debt to a crime boss, Sage Parker. Sage offers Michael a chance to compete in his fight club, and the ex-soldier manages to punch his way to victory.

However, the infamy gained by his win ties him up in the criminal world, with jobs offered by such dangerous individuals that he dares not refuse. Thrown into a spiral with violent gangsters, Max and Michael may have to risk it all to escape. The film’s pulse-pounding action takes us on a wild ride around the arid cityscape of Los Angeles, desert towns, dingy underground fight clubs, and vibrant resorts.

Where Was Lights Out Filmed?

‘Lights Out’ was filmed in various locations around California, largely within Los Angeles and Riverside County. While most of the filming was done on location, a studio was used to accommodate some stunts and action scenes. Principal photography commenced on January 23, 2022, and was wrapped up by February 13 of the same year.

Riverside, California

Multiple locations throughout Riverside County were used in the making of ‘Lights Out,’ with shooting sites ranging from dusty farms to spanking casinos. The Coachella Valley region features prominently in the production, and filming for a casino scene took place at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on 84-245 Indio Springs Parkway. The glitzy Native American-owned gaming joint is situated in the town of Indio. With its sun-drenched landscapes, panoramic mountain views, and unique desert charm, Indio offers a captivating backdrop for a range of cinematic endeavors.

It is somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to filmmaking and has been a shooting location for movies such as ‘Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire,’ ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘The Professionals,’ and ‘Night Train.’ Across the Colorado Desert, the film crew lensed multiple scenes in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Known as a resort city, Palm Springs has a dynamic blend of natural beauty and retro glamour.

Framed by the towering San Jacinto Mountains, it offered the filmmakers a charismatic backdrop for their high-octane crime thriller. Palm Springs’ distinctive charm lies in its retro-chic ambiance, with well-preserved architectural gems from the mid-20th century providing a timeless backdrop. Sequences of fight clubs early in the film were shot at Aziz Farms on 82805 Avenue 60 in Thermal. The farm’s sheds saw the cast members form circles around, brawling a pair and cheering on as the two exchanged blows.

Los Angeles, California

True to its narrative, the backdrop of ‘Lights Out ‘ includes the multifaceted urban landscape of Los Angeles. The movie began its first leg of filming in the City of Angels in Southern California, spending about two weeks shooting in locations around it. The city’s distinct neighborhoods, from the glittering lights of Hollywood to the gritty streets of downtown, offered filmmakers a versatile canvas to craft their high-octane sequences. For creating a rich crime backdrop, the city’s high-ended charm lent itself to scenes involving Sage Parker and his associates. It further facilitated thrilling action and crime drama which propels Michael to notoriety.

Santa Clarita, California

Cradled in the scenic foothills north of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita saw a few scenes of ‘Lights Out’ shot within its borders. The Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, on 20019 Blue Cloud Road, was used by the film crew to lens some of its fighting scenes. The 250-acre movie ranch contains multiple backlots with sets ranging from a third-world town, a mission church, and a gas station, to a cave, a forward military operating base, and an airplane hanger.

Besides the sets, the ranch also features rugged natural locations and breathtaking views of the wilderness surrounding it. For ‘Lights Out,’ the ranch’s fight arena set was scouted to use in simulating an action sequence housed in a gladiatorial-style arena. The movie ranch has been utilized in productions like ‘SEAL Team,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘American Sniper,’ and ‘National Security.’

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