Lightwave Theater Company From AGT: All We Know

America’s Got Talent‘ or ‘AGT’ attracts a plethora of talent that often leaves us agape. The judges are professionals, but even they are swept off their feet now and then. As for the audiences, well, the veterans know that no matter how many times you think you have seen it all, something might always surprise you. This is undoubtedly the case with the Lightwave Theatre Company, which has delivered a heart wrenching life-sized puppetry performance. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Where is the Lightwave Theatre Company From?

The Lightwave Theatre Company is from Romania, and you can see them showcasing their talents at unteatru, in Romania.

Founded in June 2013, the Lightwave Theatre Company was selected twice to represent Romania at the World Puppet Carnival Indonesia and Thailand. The members have enjoyed several television appearances, and have organized several shows for the people of the country. Apart from that, they have been invited to other countries like Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria.

Who is in the Lightwave Theatre Company?

The Lightwave Theatre Company is co-founded by Cristina Andreea Ion, a young stage director, and Petru Stratulat, a puppeteer, and formal journalist. Cristina graduated from the Faculty of Acting Puppets and Marionettes and got her masters in Animation Theater Directing. When her show was selected for Indonesia, Cristina was galvanized to take the company to new heights and recognition. The Lightwave Theatre Company targets people of all ages, but their genre is animated theatre for grown-ups with life-size puppets. Check out a moment from ‘Reflection,’ which was their debut performance.


Lightwave Theatre Company Predictions: How Far Will They Go?

Lightwave Theatre Company has already amazed everyone in their auditions. Their emotional act reveals a dog’s love for its owner, as we see a little girl almost getting run over by a car before the pup comes to rescue her. The entire show is performed to “Carry You” by Ruelle. The company’s members also underscore the message in the show, saying that they want the American people to be there for each other. Naturally, it comes at a perfect time in the country’s history, since there is quite a bit of turbulence due to the Black Lives Matter protests.

If the company continues delivering such emotional shows, with a message that audiences can relate to, and place in the immediate context, then they just might make it all the way. After all, the Lightwave Theatre Company has professionals who have been doing this for some time, at a national level. One expects great things from this group, which we hope to go all the way. However, the pressure of the competition often makes the best performers fumble, which is something they have to be careful of. [Cover Picture Courtesy: Lightwave Theatre Company/Instagram] 

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