Linzy and Dre: Is the Too Hot to Handle Duo Still Together?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the world of dating is extremely complicated owing to the different abilities, interests, objectives, and styles of the people involved. This much is actually perfectly evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ but it also shines a light upon how honesty, as well as sincerity, can change the course of one’s intimate connections. The prime example of this is actually Shedre “Dre” Woodard in season 5 — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about his bond with bombshell Linzy Luu, we’ve got the details for you.

Linzy and Dre’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

From the moment Dre first came across our screens under the belief he was on a brand new series called ‘Love Overboard,’ he’d made it clear he just wanted to have the summer of his life. It was thus rather unsurprising that he broke down as soon as he realized he’d inadvertently signed up not for “sex on a boat” but for a celibacy retreat under the watchful eye of a talking cone. However, his whole mindset did a complete 180 once he heard the ultimate cash prize was $200,000, especially because winning this money would do wonders for him and his ten siblings.

In other words, an uncoupled Dre evolved into Detective Dre with the sole mission of ensuring his fellow participants stay on their best behavior, which obviously did not pan out as planned. After all, they’d lost nearly half this pot by the point they reached their halfway mark, making him want to have some fun by breaking the rules too — and in came Linzy Luu to help along the way. This bombshell had actually chosen Louis to be her first date in this retreat, but Dre managed to be switched in during their time together, thanks to the former’s existing involvement with Christine.

That’s when Dre began his mission of sweeping Linzy off her feet through charm as well as sincerity, aspects he knew would be essential since she’d politely admitted he wasn’t physically her type. Hence came the eye contact, conversations regarding their past non-existent relationships, and openness on their hang-ups, only for them to realize they were actually comfortable with each other. Therefore, despite him not being the kind of guy she usually goes for, his ensuing direct flirting had her intrigued to such an extent they ended up letting their wild sides out by the end of the night.

Linzy and Dre’s Dating Status is a Mystery

While it’s unclear precisely how Linzy Luu and Shedre Woodard’s remaining time in Lana’s celibacy villa panned out as of writing, the one easy thing to presume is that neither regretted their intense kiss. So, it’s actually likely they stuck together to form a real connection with the intention of continuing in the real world, too, especially as they have a sort of honest understanding between them.

Regardless, since neither the Hawaii-raised Los Angeles-based model nor the Atlanta-residing actor/model/entrepreneur has confirmed or denied anything concerning their recent relationship status, we can’t be sure whether they’re still together. The fact they don’t follow one another on social media platforms could be an indication of their current standing, yet it’s also possible they’ve deliberately maintained their distance in order to keep their affinity a secret until the show comes to an end. Though if nothing else, we are hopeful that Linzy and Dre are at least still on amicable terms as friends at the moment owing to their shared genuine experience on the island villa.

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