Are Isaac and Hannah From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a well-known dating show that provides its participants with the ultimate test when it comes to physical intimacy. During such trying times, many of the cast members find themselves connecting in a romantic manner with each though the ending is not always good. The viewers certainly have the same worry when it comes to the pairing of Isaac Francis and Hannah Brooke, who were seen in season 5 of the reality series. The circumstances that they came together in have left many to wonder if their relationship has survived the test of time, and we are here to explore the same!

Isaac and Hannah’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Interestingly, both Isaac and Hannah were interested in different people at the start of season 5. While Hannah had concentrated all her efforts on Louis Russell, Isaac was getting closer to Courtney Randolph. The two couples certainly seemed to be getting along really when and upon discovering exactly which show they were a part of, Louis and Isaac created a pact that would help them kiss their respective partners and hopefully share the blame, though things did not exactly work how they had thought.

Unexpectedly for Hannah, her connection with Louis came to an end after it was revealed that he had kissed Christine Obanor. The two ended up separating, and Hannah was now looking for another match. At this time, Isaac’s bond with Courtney was going strong, but that soon changed with the entry of Yazmin Marziali, whom he kissed while the two were on a date. After returning from his date, Isaac told Courtney that he instead wanted to pursue things with Yazmin.

Though Hannah admitted that Isaac was exactly her type, she initially did not want to enter into a possibly complicated situation. However, after her failed attempt at bonding with Trey Rodgers, she decided to take matters into her own hand. Isaac was certainly happy to receive Hannah’s flirty attention and did not seem much satisfied with Yazmin’s insistence on creating an emotional bond, forgoing any physical intimacy.

All came to a head when Hannah got a promise from Isaac that he would move to her bed. That night, when Isaac first went to Yazmin’s bed, Hannah was furious, but he only went there to inform her that he would be now sharing a bed with Hannah, which caught everyone off-guard. The next day, tensions were high as everyone was upset with Isaac’s lack of communication, including Courteney, who was far from happy with what she considered a repeated pattern of actions.

However, Lana seemingly was unhappy with the reluctance shown by both Isaac and Hannah to try and take part in the process. The pair’s evident desire for physical intimacy despite the consequences did not sit well with the AI host, who ultimately decided to ask them to leave the show. The news was a surprise to many, including the couple themselves. Despite their respective intentions when it came to their love lives, the two had made great friends on the show who were reluctant to see them go.

Are Isaac and Hannah Still Together?

As of writing, Isaac and Hannah have not shared any updates regarding their status as a couple. Many of the viewers are unsure about the stability of the relationship owing to Isaac’s action though it is certainly possible that they may indeed be still together. After all, the two reality TV stars still follow each other on Instagram, indicating that they might at least be on amicable terms with each other. Moreover, given that Hannah was certainly aware of Isaac’s whole situation, it is possible that his past actions were things she had already evaluated and made peace with.

While both Isaac and Hannah seem to be on good terms with many of the cast members, their own interactions with each other seem to be non-existent. However, that has not stopped us from thinking that they might be dating even as of writing, given their undeniable chemistry and attraction towards each other. No matter the case, we wish both Isaac and Hannah the best in their lives and hope that their romantic dreams soon come to fruition.

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